Slovenia is the world's most eco-friendly destination

This country makes up just 0.004% of the world's surface. Yet, it's the most eco-friendly touristic destination on the planet. Welcome to Slovenia 🇸🇮

Slovenia is the greenest vacation spot

What is Slovenia?

A smaller country in central Europe that used to be a part of Yugoslavia, Slovenia is a beautiful place to go on vacation. The government has a national program to reward green tourism businesses called the Slovenia Green Scheme program. In order to receive the Slovenia Green Destination label, there is an eleven step program listed on the national website. These steps are: appoint a green coordinator, form a green team, raise awareness, sign the Green Policy for Slovenian Tourism, conduct surveys, collect data, issue reports and requests for assessment, draw up action plans, define the local character and green DNA, issue requests for field visit, implement measures, and receive a re-assessment after no more than three years.

With a population of 2 million people, the country has managed to maintain a majority of their forests and wildlife. 60% of its land, which Slovenia makes up just 0.004% of the world’s surface, is covered in woods. There are 800 species, 2% of all species on Earth, thriving in this country; the brown bear population in Slovenia has doubled within the last ten years. The biggest attraction by far the bee farms managed by over 90,000 beekeepers.

How does Slovenia protect its natural resources?

35.5% of its land is classified as a protected natural zone and there are over 1,200 natural monuments. The Environmental Protection Act was enacted in June 1993 to protect land, water, air, flora and fauna, and the use of natural resources. In direct contrast, Trump administration has been reducing many protective United States environmental laws by rescinding the Clean Water Act and downsizing areas of protected public land for drilling and other fossil fuel development.