The GOGOCLUB, a hotel for dogs in China

"Dogs aren't free in cities. That's why I wanted to create a place where dogs could run and have fun" Welcome to the GOGOCLUB, a hotel for dogs. Shi Hong opened this establishment in Qingdao, China, and can accommodate up to 30 animals.

Hotel for Dogs

The GOGOCLUB in Qingdao, China, is a hotel for dogs. Shi Hong opened this hotel that can welcome 20 to 30 dogs. Some stray dogs stay here a long time because people find them in the street and aren't necessarily able to look after them. Some even take their dogs to the hotel like a daycare. The dogs can socialize with other dogs interact with humans. Dogs need food above all. Owners often ask to be careful with what their pets eat and drink. Making them exercise can be way more important than their diet. Their diet isn’t an issue, what really counts is exercise. The hotel also tries to promote the pets' self-esteem. A dog’s temperament, its confidence and trust, are formed on a daily basis. They have access to a 1,300 m² courtyard.

“It’s not about putting them in a cage and waiting for their owner to come back five, ten days or six months later. The animals can be unhappy and even depressed waiting.The dogs must leave the house. Whether it’s in the neighbourhood, at the market or on the street. Seeing motorcycles, bicycles, children…It’s important that they know their environment,” Shi Hong, owner of the GOGOCLUB, tells Brut.

China’s dogs

In China, animals are mainly adopted by young people. In 2018, the pet dog market has exceeded 13 billion euros, of which 70% is dedicated to consumer products. World Atlas reports that China has a pet dog population of about 110 million, but that the number of stray dogs is unknown as they are not registered in Asia. Currently, China is dealing with hundreds of cases of coronavirus in Wuhan and surrounding areas. However, it has recently been determined that while dogs and cats can contract coronavirus, the strain is weaker and therefore, not deadly to them.