The Green Blood Project

They wanted to tell the world about those who pose a threat to the environment. They have been threatened, imprisoned, or killed. 40 journalists have decided to pick up their investigations and to publish them broadly. This is the Green Blood Project.

The dangers of being a journalist

“The threats began once I started working on this story. They had put 5 detective agencies to tail me everywhere, wherever I go.”, Sandhya Ravishankar, a journalist, admitted. Jagendra Singh, who is also a fellow journalist, revealed, “They jumped over the wall and got in. If they wanted to, they could have arrested me instead. What was the need to kill me?”

Between 2009 and 2019, at least 13 environmental journalists have been killed worldwide. Many of them were investigating mining.

“Being a journalist and investigating the environment, isn’t just about photographing polar bears, it’s also confronting local authorities that are extremely dangerous, sometimes extremely corrupt, or companies that aren’t transparent and that can make legal, judicial, even physical threats towards journalists. And lots of journalists are threatened, are imprisoned, are killed precisely because they wanted to expose an environmental scandal that affects all of us.”, Laurent Richard, the founder of Forbidden Stories, tells Brut.