5 ways Trump Administration worsened coronavirus pandemic

"Looks like by April, you know in theory... it miraculously goes away." Here’s how Trump and his administration have been doing more to worsen the situation as the coronavirus pandemic has swept the country. 🦠🇺🇸

5 ways the Trump administration has worsened the Coronavirus pandemic

Lack of testing

The president has seemed fixated on keeping case-numbers low. “I like the numbers being where they are. I don’t need to have the numbers double because of one ship.”, Trump stated. For this reason, Trump didn't push for an increase in testing as far back as January, Politico reported. The CDC is now scrambling to make more tests available in the U.S.

The Oval Office address

When Trump addressed the nation on March 11, 2020 he mistakenly issued a total travel ban between the U.S. and Europe. “We will be suspending all travel from Europe to the United States for the next 30 days.”, Trump initially announced. The Department of Homeland Security had to quickly clarify the ban did not apply to U.S. citizens — but not before massive crowds attempting to get home gathered at European airports.

Constantly downplaying the crisis

For weeks, Trump downplayed the growing pandemic and claimed that the novel coronavirus would simply go away. “It may get bigger, it may get a little bigger, it may not get bigger at all. We’ll see what happens.”, he declared. He continued, ”The virus. They’re working hard, looks like by April — you know in theory, when it gets a little warmer it miraculously goes away. Hope that’s true.” He also said, “Essentially we’ve only had 15 and a lot of that’s because I called it early. So we are hopefully getting lower from that number but let’s see what happens into the future.” Bolstered by a similar narrative on Fox News, some Americans failed to see the virus as a serious threat.

Dissolving and defunding key departments

Back in May 2018, the Trump administration dissolved the team in charge of pandemic response. Additionally, his 2021 budget proposal would cut CDC funding by 15% and slash $3 billion out of global health programs.

Taking away food stamps from thousands

On April 1, the Trump administration plans to kick roughly 700,000 people off of SNAP by enacting work requirements for the benefit known as the food stamp program. This will happen as the economy and small businesses take a massive hit.