Arkansas drag show bill

Some Arkansas Republicans want drag shows to be classified as “adult-oriented businesses” — the same designation given to strip clubs and adult theaters in the state.

The bill’s creator said the legislation would “protect children”

If passed, the bill would not allow drag shows to take place on public property or within 1,000 feet of churches, schools, parks, and libraries. The bill’s creator said the legislation would “protect children” and wondered “if God would approve” of drag queens. The new measure, which was approved earlier this week in the Arkansas Senate, is now headed to the State House for consideration. 

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According to the bill, drag shows are defined as “someone singing, lip-syncing, dancing, or performing before an audience of at least two people while exhibiting a gender identity different from their gender at birth.” Critics of the new measure say the proposed legislation is so broadly worded that it could apply to transgender individuals both in public as well as their own private homes.

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A Democratic lawmaker said the proposed bill is unconstitutional and unfairly targets the LGBTQ+ community, given that restaurants like Hooters and Twin Peaks are not classified as adult businesses. 

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