Chanel Embraces Cruelty Free Fashion

Say goodbye to animal pelts and skins in our collections — that's Chanel's promise to animal rights activists. 🙅‍♀️🐊

12/13/2018 8:01 PM


  • Romera M.
    12/31/2018 17:42

    Aleah Colline

  • Seema B.
    12/28/2018 14:01

    What about slaughter during thanks giving and Eid. All a farce

  • Murshidul L.
    12/28/2018 12:55


  • Michael G.
    12/28/2018 12:15

    Every few years they( the major fashion houses) do this and return to selling them a year later.

  • Chehem G.
    12/25/2018 12:09

    c'est cmmt cela ?

  • Chehem G.
    12/25/2018 12:08

    comme cela ?

  • Saàdia B.
    12/23/2018 19:27

    👏👏👏Les Amoureux d animaux Incha Allah votre place est au Paradis

  • Siham A.
    12/22/2018 07:21

    Criminals kill anlmals just to look nice

  • Nisar A.
    12/21/2018 04:04


  • Shanice S.
    12/16/2018 16:43

    Keeping Money is Easy But Keeping Words are more tougher

  • Christine G.
    12/14/2018 09:59

    To use animals who are abused buy torture until it's death, should never be supported.

  • Brut
    12/13/2018 21:09

    To learn how one designer is shaking up fashion with his innovative, indigenous designs, look no further:

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