Elizabeth Warren vs. Bernie Sanders

How do Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders' policies compare? Here are 6 key differences.

The 2020 presidential race has the potential to depart radically from the norm

What exactly are the differences between progressive 2020 frontrunners Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders? Sanders is a proud Democratic Socialist. Warren is a capitalist — as she made clear on Showtime's The Circus. Sanders is an Independent who only ran as a Democrat in 2016. Warren has been a Democrat since 1996. If elected…Warren says she would put an end to the Senate filibuster. Sanders indicated to The Huffington Post that he wouldn’t do it. The Medicare for All bill was written by Sanders. Warren also supports Medicare for All, but say she'd pay for it without raising taxes on the middle class. Both would reform the Supreme Court. Warren, by adding more judges and Sanders by introducing term limits. Both have also proposed a wealth tax. Sanders' would raise $4.35 trillion in 10 years. Warren’s would raise $2.75 trillion in the same period.

Bernie and Warren team up in primary debates

Not long ago, both Sanders and Warren were political outliers, and no mainstream Democrat would touch “fringe” issues like Medicare for All or a Green New Deal with an eleven-foot pole. Years ago, vague promises of “Yes, we can” seemed enough to win hearts and minds and then sell us more of the same old “No, we can’t.” Even further back, Democratic candidates refused to even admit they were “liberals,” let alone radicals or socialists. It is undeniably good for the Left — and a sign of the leftward leaning, radicalizing times that we live in — that Warren and Sanders have dominated the political debates and mainstream discussions during the primary season. Bernie’s signature “Medicare for All” proposal went from a pipe dream of leftists to the yardstick against which other platforms are evaluated, seemingly overnight.