Del. Danica Roem’s emotional response to anti-trans bill

Transgender Virginia Delegate Danica Roem silenced opponents of transgender student athletes by exposing the hypocrisy of conservatives who purport to protect girls' sports.

A legislation that would ban trans kids from playing sports

“You’re dealing with forcibly outing trans kids and you didn’t even talk to the one person in this body who actually knows what it’s like to be scared to death as a 13 and 14-year-old kid of anyone finding out that you’re actually trans. You have no idea what you’re doing. You have no idea the harm you’re causing”, said Del. Danica A. Roem, Virginia State Delegate (D). This Virginia lawmaker made an emotional appeal against proposed legislation that would ban trans kids from playing sports and require school staff to out them to parents.

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“We are dealing with dire consequences on a bill as reckless as this. Forcibly outing kids regardless of the safety of their home, regardless of what’s going to happen to them when they get home. You can say that every single parent is going to love that child and I wish to God that were true, but if that were true, Child Protective Services wouldn’t exist in the first place. These kids are watching this right now all across the Commonwealth. Do better for them”, told Del. Danica A. Roem.

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