The dangers of urban biking

Cycling in the city can be a matter of life and death. Now, activists are raising awareness to keep bikers safe.

A protected bike lane

in New York City, there are over 200 Ghost Bikes — physical tributes to cyclists killed or hit on the street according to Ghostbike. Shmuli Evers is one of the 50,000 New Yorkers that commute to work via bicycle every day in line with NYC.gove website. He shares his experience on social media with the community #BikeNYC to raise awareness on what's going on in the city streets.

Many drivers do not expect bikes to be on the same road

“To me, it's. It shows how lacking our infrastructure is and how much more we need to do to make sure this doesn't happen again. It encourages me to do more for our safety, to make more awareness of what needs to be done. Once these tragedies do happen, there is actually a political push to get a better infrastructure in place. Bike NYC, the hashtag is camaraderie as well as awareness, like whenever there's something going on within New York City that has to do with people biking. It's a closure of a street, if there's cops ticketing for red lights or I like to focus on nice things, I like to focus on parents that bike with their children and show how normal it is to bike. When you see a car parked in the bike lane, you have to make sure that the other drivers that are behind you are aware of you, that you have to go around this car. It's a matter of life and death if that other driver does not see you. What needs to happen is a clear separated bike lane that is not that cannot be entered by a driver”, NYC bike rider Shmuli Evers tells Brut.

The 4 Most Bike-Friendly Cities

There are 1,240 miles of bike lanes installed in New York as of 2018, and 480 miles of protected bike lanes. New York's mayor plans to bring 250 miles of protected bike lanes to the city within 5 years.


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  • Joshua S.
    02/01/2020 03:18

    It’s a risk you take when you ride a bike with vehicles that weight a ton.

  • Steven N.
    02/01/2020 01:49

    Usage Tax Bicyclist should start paying their fair share of taxes for the road😬😬

  • Jessica B.
    01/31/2020 22:25

    Geez... well in NYC- you can forget any changes to infrastructure under current leadership. Sorry.

  • Jeremiah W.
    01/31/2020 21:20

    Get off the road

  • Edwin A.
    01/31/2020 18:54

    Lol work hard so you can BBC afford a car

  • Joe R.
    01/31/2020 14:21

    that explains the white bikes in newport

  • Ricky R.
    01/31/2020 07:52

    A 🚲 zhud have license plate

  • Gabriel S.
    01/31/2020 05:57

    There’s a couple here in Houston 😕

  • David A.
    01/31/2020 04:54

    Your on a bike, not a car, a bike. Weaving in and out. Disregarding stuff freely. I'm in a car, a car. Do the math. New York? The streets? It's hard enough driving a car in New York. But you wanna ride a bike. Ok. Again, do the logic math on which machine wins.

  • Jereme B.
    01/31/2020 03:47

    I feel for the cyclists' who have died or been hurt in accidents involving vehicles but some of these cyclist think they own the road and don't have to obey traffic laws!! I've almost hit a few of them because they were recklessly cycling through traffic! Help us help you by not being a jerk and follow the traffic laws!

  • Rooster S.
    01/31/2020 03:31

    Get out the street

  • Jane W.
    01/31/2020 01:36

    I think if cyclists want to share the road with motorized vehicles they should pay insuinsurance, registration and and have a license like the rest of us.

  • Jane W.
    01/31/2020 01:32

    Really he is harrassing a school bus driver loading- unloading students the safest way they can. What an entitled little jerk! He should also know it is inappropriate to approach a school bus full of children he is not a parrent or school official. the school bus has more of a right to be there than him.

  • Daniel L.
    01/30/2020 22:49

    Bicycle should have the right , but then they should have to have some sort of insurance just like drivers right? And bicycle can’t replace their body parts like cars do in fender benders . So I’m sorry but bicycle on sidewalks

  • Daniel L.
    01/30/2020 22:47

    Fort Wayne Indiana we have a few here

  • John K.
    01/30/2020 22:38

    How much do bicyclists pay towards taxes and other fees to use the roadways?

  • Sim B.
    01/30/2020 20:05

    I know how to prevent this don't ride on high speed high traffic roads there are bike paths and bike trails at just about every park just because you can doesn't mean you should

  • Joey A.
    01/30/2020 18:27

    We have them In south texas as well !

  • Madyson G.
    01/30/2020 17:22

    that’s why the white bike sits right there

  • Mike M.
    01/30/2020 16:38

    Yep that's what we need more litter and garbage on the street

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