This Farm Makes Vegan Leather From Cactus

This farm in Mexico makes leather… from cactus. Meet Adrian and Marte, two friends who started Desserto, a vegan alternative to animal leather. This video has been produced in partnership with a brand

16/04/2021 11:06 AM
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And even more


    • Jocelyn O.
      22/04/2021 07:35

      amazing and oh so beautiful! 😱

    • Awan U.
      21/04/2021 16:34

      your next bags after Hermès 😍😅🤣

    • Duane J.
      21/04/2021 15:05

      Excellent! Congratulations!

    • Olivia d.
      20/04/2021 09:05

      Awesome. I look forward to finding some of the finished products on the market.

    • Riva K.
      20/04/2021 01:42


    • Walter B.
      19/04/2021 22:49

      Is this a tequila bi product.

    • Rods P.
      19/04/2021 10:27

      Where can I get some

    • SA S.
      19/04/2021 10:18

      Genuine & Beautiful! I hope to purchase and one day see this Ranch for myself♥️🌵👜

    • Riaz M.
      19/04/2021 06:31

      But what about all the skins from the cows that make burgers?

    • Anahita M.
      19/04/2021 04:22

      doesn't this guy look like a young aspi??

    • El K.
      19/04/2021 00:56


    • Maya K.
      18/04/2021 22:26

      Organic, Organico🌱 💚

    • Michael W.
      18/04/2021 22:19


    • Constance L.
      18/04/2021 21:49

      Could you list companies, products for purchase?

    • Shirley D.
      18/04/2021 21:08

      Sounds like a good deal.....So if you are wearing a pair of these shoes and on a hiking trip you become lost for days you could possibly on eating your shoes and survive!! Wonder how they would stand up to 30 below zero.Just asking.....Ha!ha!

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