Farmer Denied Car, Brings Rs. 10 Lakh To The Showroom

In a viral clip, a farmer alleged a Mahindra showroom refused to sell him a pick-up truck. What he did next was straight out of a movie. 🤯

25/01/2022 5:30 PMupdated: 26/01/2022 11:46 PM
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  • Papita K.
    29/01/2022 18:05

    Never judge the book by it's cover 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Tisony B.
    28/01/2022 17:01

    Exaggeration of scene it is!! They should know both side of story. People who look like having nothing own cars & now no one see the clothes and sell car, why he was told like that should be examined. And no one will go with baarath to car showroom 🤣🤣🤣 moreover!! It's greatness of Anand Mahindra that he promised to act on this 🙏

  • Vivek A.
    28/01/2022 07:37

    Proud of this person

  • Sameer K.
    28/01/2022 06:21

    Its the Bloody Owner who put such Rules not the Poor Staff dear !!

  • Kuldeep N.
    28/01/2022 05:04

    South Indian kafi simple rhte hai,,paisa bahut rhne pr v,,,unko yahi bat achhi lgti hai,,,Mai v banglore me rhta hu,,,,dekhta hu,,,kisi k kapdo se judg nhi kre

  • Naag R.
    28/01/2022 04:14

    Thappu mawa

  • Devend P.
    28/01/2022 01:37

    Pushpa sun kar flower smja kya farmer hai mai kbhi jhuke ga nai sala

  • Asha B.
    28/01/2022 01:19

    Such a Cruel world...

  • Belvadi M.
    27/01/2022 17:32

    Why struggle to get a lousy service from them.

  • Abhijeet G.
    27/01/2022 16:29

    action must be taken against culprit

  • Vaibhav D.
    27/01/2022 15:44

    Jai Jawan Jai Kisan

  • Shantanu R.
    27/01/2022 15:16

    I knew your page is definitely going to bring this news up at any cost. Another chance to malign the India's image internationally without any investigation and basis. Every story has 2 sides, we just see only 1 side in your posts, the second one is always missing. 😉 Happy news editing guys!

  • Caravan M.
    27/01/2022 14:39

    The consequence of your caste culture. Simple.

  • Syed K.
    27/01/2022 14:00

    Most of time it is human issue which results bringing bad name to a good company.Time has changed.

  • Junaid K.
    27/01/2022 13:44

    As a salesperson you just don’t judge book by it’s cover

  • Karen K.
    27/01/2022 12:43

    To Mahindra give them free pick up truck, then remove ur employee

  • Zico T.
    27/01/2022 11:23

    Anant Mahindra soja mc tera bohut kuch hain jatu giri aur apne farmer ko mana kiya gandu as token he has promised a guy in the village but till date promise only of you can fullfill

  • Mohamed T.
    27/01/2022 11:16

    They should have suits n ties we are judged by the clothes wear

  • Muhammad B.
    27/01/2022 10:15

    Jhukay ga nahi 😂

  • Mahi D.
    27/01/2022 09:19

    Never ever underestimate the power of a farmer..... Jai jawan jai kisaan....

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