5 coronavirus scam artists

Phishing scams, "virus-killing" toothpaste, and Silver Solution — here are five ways people are trying to profit of off coronavirus. 💰🦠 (via Brut News)

5 ways people are attempting to profit off the coronavirus pandemic

Here’s how various people are trying to profit off the mass hysteria around the globe.

Pastor Jim Bakker tried to sell his Silver Solution product as a coronavirus cure

The televangelist was sued by the state of Missouri for false advertising. His show has been selling the “coronavirus potion” for donations ranging in price from $80 to $125. Bakker originally rose to fame due to his Praise the Lord television ministry which then crashed in 1987 after it was revealed that he had paid nearly $265,000 to a former church secretary after a sexual encounter with her.

Scott Disick is selling $130 hoodies encouraging people to wash their hands

In response to the coronavirus, Disick added some new pieces of merchandise to his clothing line @talentless which was created in 2018. The pieces include a tshirt and hoodie with the phrase “Please wash your hands” that come in four different colors.

Alex Jones is hawking virus-killing toothpaste

Jones has acquired a large portion of his wealth by selling health-enhancement and survivalist products on his website. The FDA has stated that “nanosilver” is not effective against any disease. In fact, there are no approved drugs, products, or vaccines to treat or cure the coronavirus at this point.

Price-gouging on hand sanitizer

Some stores have been drastically increasing the price of hand sanitizer as demand increases and supplies run low. Amazon has also struggled to prevent Purell listings as high as $350 a bottle.

Phishing scams

Online scammers are targeting people worried about the virus. Hackers have been posing as the World Health Organization and the CDC in an attempt to steal private data. These scams have popped up in Australia, and the U.K., and the FBI is tracking several in the United States.