Coronavirus patient still quarantined one month later

He's been quarantined for over a month with coronavirus. Now, he's volunteered for a clinical study to help cure COVID-19. (via Brut News)

One month of quarantine

Who is Carl Goodman

Carl Goldman has been quarantined for more than a month. He first caught COVID-19 on the Diamond Princess cruise that was quarantined off the coast of Japan in February. They had 15 days of a 16-day cruise. On the last day after everyone had packed their bags, a passenger who had exited the ship in Hong Kong had come down with the coronavirus four days later. Then after 12 days into quarantine, the State Department, the United States State Department decided to fly the Americans back to the States. Goodman boarded the plane along with his wife and about two hours into the flight, he woke up with a very high fever of 103+. Goldman has Guillain-Barré syndrome —a disorder in which his body's immune system attacks his nerves.

“And I think that's why they put me into a quarantine area to begin with, but more importantly, into the bio-containment unit at university in Nebraska, here at Nebraska, medicine in Omaha. No one could come into my room without wearing bio hazmat gear. There was sealed windows, double pane, a big sealed door, two TV monitors were looking at me. Cameras were looking at me at all times.What's weird about the virus is other than the high fever, there were no other symptoms other than a dry cough. So unlike the common cold, where I would normally get a stuffy nose, a sore throat, sneezing, body aches. There was none of that,”

Feeling better

He was placed under federal quarantine at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha. His wife never got the virus. After spending about a month in quarantine, Goodman is waiting for the coronavirus test to come back negative three days in a row as well as finishing the voluntary clinical study for the cure. Goodman urges people concerned with having the virus to check their temperature; odds are they do not have it.


03/13/2020 11:58 AMupdated: 03/13/2020 1:27 PM


  • Diane F.
    05/13/2020 23:48

    YOU ARE A HERO amongst the throng!!

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    05/12/2020 19:42

    🙏🏻 for continued healing

  • Rhonwen M.
    05/12/2020 08:59

    This is why I postulate that the virus mutated.

  • Keisha M.
    05/05/2020 10:34

    Health Information Patient Privacy Violations? COVID-19.

  • Jerry D.
    05/05/2020 00:29

    Glad you got better. Love The Hat. Fly Eagles Fly.

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    05/04/2020 22:42

    Great hat hope you recover in record time.

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    04/29/2020 12:37

    Oy !

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    04/28/2020 17:49

    Thank you for sharing.

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    04/27/2020 16:33

    So glad you are better. Stay well stay safe. ❤️❤️❤️

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  • Irene C.
    04/26/2020 06:56

    Just to let people know, you can have diarrhoea with covid 19. My first symptom was diarrhoea

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  • Lal D.
    04/24/2020 10:11

    Japan's Nobel prize winning Professor of Medicine, Professor Dr Tasuku Honjo, created a sensation today by saying that the Coronavirus is not natural. "If it is natural, it wouldn't have adversely affected the entire world like this. Because, as per nature, temperature is different in different countries. If it is natural, it would adversely affect only those countries having the same temperature as China. Instead, it is spreading in a country like Switzerland, in the same way it is spreading in the desert areas. Whereas if it were natural, it would have spread in cold places, but died in hot places. I have done 40 years of research on animals and viruses. It is not natural. It is manufactured and the virus is completely artificial. I have worked for 4 years in the Wuhan laboratory in China. I am fully acquainted with all the staff of that laboratory. I have been phoning them all, after the Coronavirus surfaced. But all their phones are dead for the last 3 months. It is now understood that all these lab technicians have died. Based on all my knowledge and research till date, I can say this with 100% confidence - That the Coronavirus is not natural. It did not come from bats. China manufactured it. If what I am saying today is proved false now or even after my death, the government can withdraw my Nobel Prize. China is lying and this truth will one day be revealed to everyone".

  • Faith M.
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    Thank you

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    04/22/2020 19:26

    Many thanks matte God bless you.

  • Yliana Y.
    04/21/2020 19:58

    I have a friend who tested positive for the covid19 no fever, no cough, no aches her only symptom was couldn't taste or smell.

  • Felecia M.
    04/20/2020 20:05

    As far I do follow ups concerning the virus since it broke out. In early February I read that when you recover and you are discharge you lungs is permanently damage.Both ways if you dies is sad for love ones to loose you.When you recover and discharge you suffer more longterm.If dr cant heal you properly how difficult is it for love ones to take care of you. People never give up on prayer and get self help remedies from youre kitchen cupboards to make use of Honey ,lemon ,ginger turmeric ,cinnamon and onion.boil that all together and start drinking it every day.Never forget to buy youre greek ,balgarin or plain yoghurt every day.That's youre prebiotic. chicken soup is also very good to recover from a sick bed. Remember about our great grannies believe in steam over a hot pot cover youre head with towel to inhale the vicks vaporub in the hot water. Make you a smoothly with beetroot ginger spinage and honey to help boost your immune untill you feel you much better Do that to build up youre ummune before every winter starts.

  • Felecia M.
    04/20/2020 19:30

    He is lucky but who ever gonna be in contact with him will be at risk..

  • Denise D.
    04/20/2020 19:10

    You are one of the blessed. But so much more has been discovered since this video was made . Many people report that they have almost ice picks stabbing pains in their body. Obviously some people have great difficulty breathing feeling like "they're struggling with a gorilla," and some have actually reported diarrhea . In Italy he wouldn't have be treated at all. If you're over 60 in Italy they just push you to the side . They will not treat . In Spain they been issued a mandate that anyone over 65 is not to be treated.

  • Justy O.
    04/20/2020 08:45

    Wishing him a full recovery ....thank you for doing this for the world...God be with you and bless you always. Love for you and your family