Behind the meme: TikTok's viral kombucha girl

Remember the viral "Kombucha Girl" meme? For Brut, comedian and content creator Brittany Broski Tomlinson retells the story of how she accidentally became "Kombucha Girl" and how she was able to capitalize on her viral moment ...

What happened to 'Kombucha Girl?

This hilarious kombucha taste test made her go viral … Here’s how Brittany Broski capitalized on her viral moment and transcended the title of “Kombucha Girl”. “I've always been the entertainer of the group. I was overweight growing up. I was always the funny friend. I graduated college in 2018. I was a licensed insurance agent. Hated it, was miserably depressed, moved on to a bank job. Ooh, so much better. And I worked in trust and investment services. I started seeing ads for TikTok on Snapchat. I downloaded it as a joke. And then I got addicted. This is June 2019”, says Brittany Broski Tomlinson aka “Kombucha Girl”.

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“It really smells like a public restroom”

The first video I ever uploaded was not the kombucha meme. It was a depression meal check”. Less than a month into posting on TikTok, Broski delivered this relatable review of kombucha. ”It did not do well until someone downloaded the video, reuploaded it to Twitter and, as all memes do, it went viral on Twitter. About a month later, I got fired from my job because of the meme. They basically brought me into an office and they were like, "We can't have a 20-something-year-old d—ing around online, doing pee pee poo poo and then coming in and being like, 'Hey, I'll manage your money.'" So, I understand. But at the same time, sucks. Sucks really bad. I was like, “I just lost my job. If there was ever a time to show that I'm funny and I'm more than some Jim Carrey faces, it's now”, explains Broski Tomlinson.

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I was pumping out content because I knew everyone was coming to my page. I was gaining followers like this. It was exponential. I was pumping out impressions, skits, accents … I was doing it all. It was very validating for people to be like, "Oh, she's just taste-testing some Pepsi or whatever she was drinking," to be like, "Oh, damn, she's kind of funny. I hated "Kombucha Girl". So I made sure, Brittany Broski was what I wanted people to know me as. And so for it to finally happen is like, “Oh damn, it's happening.” But it's a very rare and special job. This is such a unique life experience. I have been such a consumer of digital media for so long, and now to be in that circle is just like, man, I’m just happy to be here”, tells Brittany Broski Tomlinson.

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