3 major COVID-19 donations provided by Americans

Large companies, small businesses, everyday people... They're all fighting to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

The fight against the virus

Donating food

Several restaurants have begun donating food to overworked hospital staff in their area. New York City’s Tarallucci e Vino has been providing meals to hospital workers with help from donations. World Central Kitchen’s Chef Jose Andres has also called for a mobilization of restaurant workers to help feed Americans as the crisis escalates. “What I am trying to make sure is that we are responding to that dark possibility by preparing today. If things go well, we will be open again and the restaurants will be full and hopefully I will be feeding all of you. But if things go bad, and we don't start preparing right now, we won't be ready later on”, Chef Andres stated.

Donating gear

Tesla CEO Elon Musk purchased 1,255 ventilators from China and donated them to LA hospitals. Tech firm Intel has also promised to donate 1 million pieces of protective gear to healthcare workers While TV medical dramas like Grey’s Anatomy, New Amsterdam and Resident have donated masks, gloves and gowns to local hospitals.

Manufacturing equipment

Ford Motors has partnered with GE and 3M in an effort to manufacture ventilators and respirators from their factories. “One advantage the car people have is they have a workforce in place. They haven't made ventilators, but they have a lot of skilled workers in place who could easily be trained.”, Erik Gordon, from the University of Michigan, explained. The pivot echoes Ford’s wartime efforts to manufacture military aircraft during WWII. Musk has also promised to explore manufacturing ventilators at Tesla factories. “Elon Musk is working overtime at Tesla to see if he can work with companies large and small — Phillips and others — to see if he can start working up components on ventilators.”, Governor Gavin Newsom shared. While crafty citizens around the world have been sewing masks at home.