Shocking footage of an organic, kosher, halal slaughterhouse

This slaughterhouse kills thousands of calves each week, using practices denounced by the association L214 Ethique et Animaux. Yet, their meat is sold with many labels… Warning: some images might be shocking

Organic, halal, kosher...

Here is where calves, whose meat is destined for various food labels, are slaughtered. These animals were separated from their mother at birth. Some are fattened in these tiny stalls with no access to the outside before being sent to the Sobeval slaughterhouse in Dordogne, France.

This subsidiary of the Dutch-owned VanDrie Group, authorized to perform traditional and ritual slaughter, supplies large supermarkets, food services and butchers. On their website, they boast about their expertise. 3,400 calves are slaughtered here each week, in other words, 90 per hour. The association L214 denounces practices in violation of current regulations.

The French Rural Code requires slaughterhouses to keep the animal immobilized during the bleeding process, to stun it before killing it, except in the case of ritual slaughter, and to hang them only after stunning or killing them. In order to reduce animal suffering, the association is also asking the French Ministry of Agriculture to make stunning mandatory, even in the case of ritual slaughter.