This gecko with huge eyes lives in the Namib Desert

This little gecko has translucent skin to camouflage, webbed feet to run on sand, and massively oversized eyes. đź‘€ Meet the Pachydactylus rangei.

Unique reptile in the Namib Desert

Here’s an original technique to clean your eyes. It’s the one used by this African species of gecko. It can only be found in the Namib Desert, which also extends to Angola and South Africa. This reptile, measuring 10 to 15 cm in length, has developed specific features in order to survive its environment.

First, its webbed feet allow it to dig a shelter to protect it from the heat during the day, but also to run fast on the sand. Its toes are also covered with microscopic hooks, which enhances their adhesion. To protect itself from predators, its translucent skin enables it to camouflage in the sand. To detect its prey, which includes any insects and arthropods it can find, this gecko relies on its huge eyes. It has no eyelids but a transparent membrane instead. To clean it, they simply use their tongue.

This is the Pachydactylus rangei, otherwise known as the Namib sand gecko.