Asian American doctor on Trump's "Chinese virus" rhetoric

"I want the president of the United States to stop this. I want everyone else who follows him to stop using this type of language, because we are all in this together." This Asian doctor explains why the "Chinese virus" rhetoric is so harmful to society.

Why the coronavirus shouldn’t be called the “Chinese Virus”

Brut spoke to Dr. Eugene Gu, CEO of Cool Quit, about Trump using this “Chinese Virus” rhetoric and how it is hurtful to society as a whole. “It's very heartbreaking for me. I want the president of the United States to stop this. I want everyone else who follows him to stop using this type of language, because we are all in this together.”, he explains.

President Trump is facing intense backlash for calling coronavirus “the Chinese virus.”

“We continue our relentless effort to defeat the Chinese virus.”, Trump recently announced. While Asian-Americans nationwide have already reported being targeted in attacks linked to coronavirus fears. Dr. Eugene Gu says he fears the rhetoric could lead to increased discrimination and racism. Dr. Gu explains, “I've seen reports of Asian-Americans being beaten on the streets, you know, throughout the United States and other countries. And it's very scary because when the president says it's a Chinese virus, he's implying that all Chinese-Americans and Asian-Americans, too, are dirty or we're like vermin, like cockroaches or rats carrying disease. That's the same kind of language that led to the genocide in Rwanda. And that's why I'm very scared about that. I want to make sure that we have awareness about the dangers of using language like that that could lead to hate crimes.” Since Trump has started calling it the “Chinese virus” there have been dozens of reports of incidents of bias against the Chinese Americans in the U.S. When Trump was asked why he kept using this phrasing even though people stated it was racist, he responded, “It's not racist at all. No. Not at all. It comes from China. That's why. It comes from China.”

Trump has doubled down on referring to this language as criticism mounts over how his administration is handling pandemic response

Dr. Gu reveals, “He's trying to scapegoat Asian-Americans and Chinese Americans, because every time the Dow Jones Industrial Average takes a hit and takes a nosedive, he feels like his power and his reelection chances, chances are in jeopardy. And so in order to take back his power, he's like a cornered animal and he's lashing out at Asian-Americans and saying, hey, it's not my fault. It's their fault.” Dr. Gu also works with many other Asian-American physicians around the country who are working to provide care for patients who are suspected of having the coronavirus and to help them get through it. They are providing 24/7 care for patients of all backgrounds white, black, Asian, Native American. They swore an oath to help everyone. “Asian-Americans are Americans, too. We love our country. We love our fellow Americans. And to have the president, United States, throw us under the bus like this is so tragic and also incredibly unjust.”, he concludes.


03/24/2020 12:09 AM
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  • Eric S.
    2 days

    It is the chinese virus, it is all their fault, why are they eating animals that we should not eat?

  • Armantina R.
    2 days

    He can't say coronavirus because he's a duffus who can't read so you have to excuse him we Americans do opoligize

  • Tom P.
    2 days

    Its were it came from you idiot

  • Mick M.
    2 days

    Well the virus originated in China , hence the name, it's either been man made there or passed species due to their disgusting wet markets so every Chinese person should be putting effort into changing this culture not the name in my opinion. If it spread from these markets , the whole world is now suffering due to their negligent methods. There is no reason why anyone else in the world should try and dilute this fact.

  • Moniq V.
    3 days

    Asian doctors and Asians scientists, since you have the virus, just quarantine yourselves. Don’t help anyone. What’s the point.

  • Ethan D.
    3 days

    Chinese propaganda funneled through mainstream media and what do you know countries around the world prove they can manipulate us through our news.

  • Todd L.
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    The world is getting four more years of President Trump! 🇺🇸

  • Keraw B.
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    Welcome to being black in America.

  • Stephen W.
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    the virus originated in china. what’s the problem

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    Don’t pay he no mind he is crazy praying for him to be removed as president

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  • Carlos A.
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    Chinese virus.. china virus ... kung flu virus.. the chinovirus now stfu

  • Mike B.
    4 days

    This is what happens when you had a President like Obama making the world go soft. It came from China for Christ sake. At least he didn’t say the Kung flew virus.

  • Loi S.
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    Trump the clown disease...

  • Janet A.
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    He doesn’t care he’s a racist axxhole

  • Geoff R.
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    it is the china virus full stop

  • Bassel B.
    5 days

    What level of education trump had ???? Jr high ??????

  • Matthijs C.
    5 days

    So what it came from China. We wanted you guys to stop killing wildlife and you never listened instead you proudly made videos showing the world that you eat that proudly and unashamed. So yes now accept the fact that it's a Chinese virus.

  • George J.
    5 days

    Deport Chinese from US not buy their products isolate them

  • Rene S.
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    Trump needs to be silenced just like any mad dog.