Coronavirus response: Trump vs governors

While President Trump expects state governors to be appreciative, they're waiting on more help and medical supplies.

State and federal governments feud as civilians suffer

Origin of US COVID-19 cases still lacking necessities

While all 50 states have had to formulate their own strategies and guidance, weighing information from medical professionals in dealing with the spread of COVID-19, the one thing they’ve all needed are medical supplies to test for the virus and protect those providing tests and care. While many states may be understandably unprepared for exponential increases in illness the federal government and agencies such as FEMA have often held a reliable stockpile of medical supplies. Most all states including Washington, the very first to record a case of COVID-19, are now finding themselves dependent upon a federal government led by a man who is adding to that stockpile and treating it as a source of power and leverage rather than a resource in most dire times. When asked about Washington governor Jay Inslee’s recent plea for more testing kits, President Trump had this to say: “he's a failed presidential candidate. He's a nasty person. I don't like the governor of Washington.” While he and his staff must make decisions about where resources are delivered, to even imply that thousands more in that state may suffer or die because Trump doesn’t like someone is reprehensible.

Michigan hits roadblocks as well

Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan is meeting similar opposition from the President as she aims to procure protective gear for her state. Despite President Trump being on record encouraging states to secure their own medical supplies citing expedited delivery and a shorter supply chain, it is proving exceedingly difficult due to federal competition. “Our experience has been that with other contracts we've entered into have been delayed or have been diverted to the federal government,” Governor Whitmer adds. True to form, lacking class and leadership, Trump responded on the record as saying the following: “Michigan, all she does is —she has no idea what's going on. And all she does is say, "Oh, it's the federal government's fault." And we've taken such great care of Michigan.” Unless she is lying to her press, the current administration in the executive branch is deciding to purchase these medical supplies, increasing their stockpile and deciding who has access to it.

Baseless accusations from a President during crisis

More than any other governor in the United States, Cuomo of New York has perhaps the most daunting task and the greatest need for effective medical treatment and smart economic policy in the country right now. At such a critical point, President Trump has chosen an expanded New York City request for protective masks in preparation for the apex of the COVID infection curve as cause to suggest that the city is dealing with medical supply theft or conducting that theft themselves. “The governors have been very gracious for the most part, I would say. There are a couple that aren't appreciative of the incredible job. They have to do a better job themselves, that’s part of the problem.” Perhaps if they stroked your ego for a few minutes longer we could prevent more fatalities?