Donald Trump, film critic

President Trump isn't afraid to weigh in on the most important issues of our time... like the Best Picture win for "Parasite" at the Oscars. (via Brut News)

Trump’s criticism on films

At a recent rally, President Trump questions why Parasite won best picture at the Oscars.

His remarks on Parasite which won best picture at the Academy Awards

“How bad were the Academy Awards this year? Did you see them? And the winner is a movie from South Korea. What the hell was that all about? We got enough problems with South Korea with trade. Can we get like "Gone with the Wind" back, please?”

Regarding his appearance in Home Alone 2

“Well, I'm in ‘Home Alone 2.’ But it's been a good movie. And I was a little bit younger, to put it mildly. It was an honor to do it. And it turned out to be a very big hit, obviously. It's a big Christmas hit, one of the biggest.”

Dissing Tom Cruise

“I went up to the pilots and honestly, they're better looking than Tom Cruise, OK. Good movie. Good guy too, by the way. The face is equal, maybe slightly better, the body is bigger and stronger.”

The greatest boxing movie, in Trump’s opinion

“I think it's, frankly, the greatest boxing movie of all time, "The Champ." And that was some great movie. Everyone was crying at that movie. I tried not to, Jon, but wasn’t easy.”

”Hollywood is racist

“But Hollywood is really terrible. You talk about racist? Hollywood is racist. What they’re doing, with the kind of movies they’re putting out — it’s actually very dangerous for our country. What Hollywood is doing is a tremendous disservice to our country.”

Trump’s dislike for critics

“You know I don't like critics. I never like — even movie critics, theater critics. They complain but they can't do it themselves. You know I don't like people that complain.”

Trump thinks he would be a good option to host the Academy Awards

“The Academy Awards last night were absolutely terrible. Boring, ugly sets, everything. I have the perfect host for next year: me!”