Ken Starr’s former counsel talks impeachment

"[It’s] categorically different and categorically worse.” Paul Rosenzweig, a senior counsel during Bill Clinton's impeachment, explains why President Trump's misconduct is worse.

Every impeachment process has been different

The first impeached U.S. president, Andrew Johnson, was impeached because he fired his war secretary without notifying Congress. That move angered Congress to the degree where they reinstated the secretary. Johnson immediately fired him again. Congress reacted by voting to impeach Johnson. Johnson was acquitted by the Senate with only one vote to spare.

Elder voters might remember

The impeachment trial of Bill Clinton. That "high crimes and misdemeanors" involved illicit sex between Clinton and his intern and an attempt to cover it up. Clinton lied under oath about his sexual indiscretions and was impeached. He, too, was acquitted by the Senate (likely because most of the male Senators could relate to lying about an affair). Possibly the most significant result of this trial was that the prosecuting attorney, Ken Starr, made a name for himself.

This former attorney of the infamous trial thinks that the case against the president is pretty solid and pretty compelling

Paul Rosensweig was a senior counsel during the impeachment of President Bill Clinton. Now, his former boss Ken Starr is on the team defending President Trump. While the Clinton and Trump impeachments have clear similarities, Rosensweig notes that legally, they're very different. “I think the most notable is that, for me, Trump's conduct is actually much worse. The underlying thing about Bill Clinton was an inappropriate, but consensual, affair with an intern. It was a very bad private act. Clinton's public errors, the misuse of his public authority, came when he lied under oath to the grand jury, when he lied under oath in the civil case, when he attempted to obstruct the criminal investigation of Starr, asking people to lie for him. It would be more solid and more compelling if the president were to permit his closest aides to testify, people like Mr. Mulvaney and Mr. Bolton”, Paul Rosensweig tells Brut.


01/28/2020 12:57 PM


  • Leonard D.
    03/12/2020 22:34

    Look at the moron...

  • Angel C.
    03/12/2020 18:37

    If the ORANGE NEANDERTHAL was so innocent why didn't he allow the witnesses to come forward and got his pet TURTLE to block them??? It's ok . He's done anyway he will not serve a second term. Unless those idiots the Electoral college put him in. Cause we all know he's NOT winning the popular vote. That's guaranteed.

  • Luther K.
    03/12/2020 16:31

    Oh I wish everyone would just shut up and provide us with an acceptable alternative candidate instead, the ones we have are atrocious. Personal act? Clinton committed perjury during a sexual harassment trial and because of it is barred from practicing law in the US, why are people using him as an example? He's a disgrace. "Sponsored - Paid for by Brut" You can find better Democrats to hold as an example, rehabilitating Billy Clinton doesn't really help, the same guy who pardoned his brother, Roger Clinton.

  • Jorge B.
    03/12/2020 04:30

    the problem is, live trump in charge or twisted owr way in to the socialism.

  • Gordon C.
    03/11/2020 10:07

    so why wouldn't they let him call any witnesses during the trial for his defence

  • Scott A.
    03/10/2020 22:09

    That's not true he lied under oath That's the difference

  • Josue S.
    03/10/2020 21:50

    La diferencia Clinton mintio y fue culpable

  • Mohamed K.
    03/10/2020 20:41

    The level of stupidity here is staggering when will you educated fools understand there is no Republican or democratic party it's all the same a 1 party system, the manure they shuffle every 4 years is just that manure, devide and conquer, use what makes us different, race, religion and anything that keeps the masses from focusing on the issue at hand

  • Frank L.
    03/09/2020 23:15

    What an idiot

  • Richard F.
    03/09/2020 23:08


  • Michael C.
    03/09/2020 17:25

    No money came out of social security. That was fake news debunked months ago. As for the Bidens. The EU, IMF and Ukrainian government cleared that up. Mass deflection by the current administration chasing unfounded conspiracies.

  • Jamie D.
    03/08/2020 21:44

    This Guy Is Asshloe

  • Arthur B.
    03/08/2020 14:38

    You people are a joke. Impeached a president for wanting a country that is so corrupt and a Vice President son is being investigated and his father was going to hold back money unless they fire the prosecutor???????? There’s the real person that should have been impeached...... no the Democrats are Above the law. So sick of the double standard.........

  • Carol M.
    03/08/2020 13:28

    Clinton ,you mindless aholes lied under oath to a federal judge,that is a known fact he pled GUILTY. No such thing now , made up lies and rumors embellished by the one worlder media and parroted by the lib dems over and over. ZERO. What a bunch of no nothing fools.

  • Marlene A.
    03/08/2020 12:38

    It is over

  • Bill V.
    03/07/2020 14:55

    If he worked for the Clinton's, he has nothing important to say.

  • Danny H.
    03/07/2020 10:54

    This guys is a Idiot!!

  • Alan W.
    03/07/2020 01:23

    i wonder if people are going to have strong opinions about this-----no---not

  • Perci B.
    03/07/2020 01:15

    So happy with LIBS MEDS DEMS USA now flu free country. Nobody will ever got sick of flu but now sick of corona extra virus with lemon..

  • Jose C.
    03/06/2020 03:10

    Have a life dummy

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