Pelosi & Pence react to Trump's SOTU address

One Trump State of the Union address. Two different reactions: Pelosi vs. Pence.

Trump bestowed the Medal of Honor on Rush Limbaugh to raucous applause and a glum reception from House Democrats

No sooner had President Donald Trump finished his State of the Union address than House Speaker Pelosi ripped the paper it was printed on in two. Right there, on camera, behind Trump’s back. As he stepped down, she ripped again. Then a third time. And a fourth. If Trump knew about the American carnage going on behind him, he didn’t react as he left. But Pelosi was on her turf, with a deep understanding of her audience — and she wasn’t finished. In case any confusion remained, Pelosi held up what remained of the address to her family in the gallery, in full view of reporters.

Tearing the speech gave Pelosi the last visual word over Trump, who had spoken to the House from a position of strength

He arrived in the chamber with the full force of the Republican Party behind him. She is leading a party in the throes of a divisive presidential nomination fight that had botched the kickoff Iowa caucuses only the night before. The House had impeached Trump on her watch. But the Senate was poised to acquit him. From the start, the event was awkward because the history between those two was so icy. They had not spoken since October, when Pelosi pointed at Trump over a White House conference table, suggested that Russia controls him and walked out.

Trump returned to the very chamber where he was impeached, standing before the same Democrats who have called him unfit for office and sought to oust him

He stepped to the podium and handed navy blue folders containing his speech to Pelosi and Vice President Mike Pence. Photos from that moment show that Trump mistakenly handed Pence’s copy to Pelosi. The moment was a less joyful echo of the prior year’s State of the Union, when Pelosi stole the show with a smirk-and-clap, eye to eye with Trump. Then, Democrats were triumphant after election gains that flipped the House from Republican control and put Pelosi back in the speaker’s chair.


02/05/2020 6:57 PMupdated: 02/05/2020 7:35 PM
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