The life of Rudy Giuliani

From becoming "America's mayor" after 9/11 to his key role in President Trump's impeachment, this is Rudy Giuliani's notable life and career.

Meet “America’s Mayor”

He was born in New York City in 1944 to working-class parents. He was raised Catholic and attended Brooklyn's Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School. At 21, he graduated from Manhattan College in the Bronx. He briefly considered becoming a priest but instead went to law school at New York University. After graduating he began his law career at the Southern District of New York. At 31, he switched parties from Democrat to Independent and was named Associate Deputy Attorney General during the Ford administration.

Five Families

After the election of Ronald Reagan, he switched parties again — from Independent to Republican. He then served in the Reagan administration as Associate Attorney General. At 39, he became the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York. As a federal prosecutor, he is credited with inventing the perp walk — parading handcuffed suspects in front of notified media. He rose to national prominence going after high-profile white-collar criminals and even mob bosses. In 1985, he indicted 11 organized crime figures — including the heads of New York’s

In 1993, he was elected Mayor of New York

The first Republican to lead the city since 1965. He focused his mayoralty on reducing crime and was largely successful. At 56, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had to drop out of the U.S. Senate bid he was running at the time. The following year, he was New York’s mayor during the September 11th attacks. His leadership during that time earned him the nickname “America’s Mayor” as well as the coveted TIME Person of the Year and an honorary knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II. At 58, he was hired by Mexico City in an effort to reduce crime.

He ran for president in 2008 but dropped out after coming in 3rd in the Florida primary

But he remained in the political sphere and was an ardent supporter of Donald Trump's 2016 campaign. After Trump’s election, he became one of the president’s closest advisors. At 74, amid the looming Mueller report and multiple international scandals, he became Trump’s personal lawyer. In this position, his unhinged TV appearances have made him a frequent subject of parody. He is now under investigation for his alleged involvement in the Trump-Ukraine scandal that led to Trump's impeachment.


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  • Richy Z.
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    Well how he stop Crime in New York by Rasing Taxes an Property so High Rents when over the Roof that everyone had to move out an sell there propertys at at low Cost for them to Bay them an Jack them up at a high Cost the only the Rich an Billionares investors can Bay them .

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    Rudy Please go after the Criminals in the Democrats responsible for the "Ukraine Gas" fiasco....

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    Wonder whatever happened to that man?

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    If you’re not already anyone with ties to trump becomes a criminal. Why ??

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    Rudy... Rudy... Rudy... Another tragic example of ‘our celebrity-seeking culture’. Crime fighter to crime participant.

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    Who cares???? Another trump criminal will be his legacy.

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    Always a Rudy fan but he needs to talk less. Keep it short and sweet.

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    still just a P O S

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    no good piece of crap, he should put himself on the perp walk

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    Sad how power can change a person and his morals

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    We love you Rudy

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    Sad, ending his life as a nut case

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    “Die young and a hero or live long enough to become a villain “.... ooh Rudy 😢

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    A nosotros que nos importe este viejo

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    Mr. Rigoletto another crook money hungry Bastardo.

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    How far you have fallen Rudy!

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    Who wants to freaken know ... his a scumbag ... lier and corrupted ...