5 moments that changed J. Balvin's life

From performing in the Super Bowl halftime show to traveling to Asia for the first time, here are 5 moments that changed J Balvin's life.

Artist J. Balvin Opens up to Brut About Life-Changing Moments

His first kiss

Growing up in Bogota, Balvin recalls an early crush named Rosa and the innocent and cute exchange the two of them shared. Despite not thinking about the moment in some time, Balvin describes the visceral emotions that such an indelible event triggers within him. “It was just really fast but it stayed in [his] heart.”

Roller Skating

Balvin fondly reminisces about his childhood days spent roller skating. They were practically glued to his feet as he would describe it. Most all of us can relate to a time in our lives when we had so few cares in the world and found such pure joy in what we loved. The adrenaline rush that he and his friends would experience played a large part in the passion they shared for the hobby.

Visiting Thailand

For the longest time, Balvin obsessed over escaping his hometown and visiting Thailand, specifically the island of Koh Samui. He would repeatedly comb over videos online and constantly research the area in hopes of one day experiencing it first-hand. Once he finally had the chance he found more than he ever imagined. He describes a culture that expresses and displays its spirituality through action above all. “They don't talk a lot about their religion, but they show who they are. You know, it's different when you're just preaching and preaching, but you're not doing nothing. They just do things.” That mindset, along with the architecture, continue to inspire him in all aspects of his life

Performing at the Super Bowl

Balvin was invited to join Jennifer Lopez and Shakira for this year’s Super Bowl halftime performance, and it was without a doubt one of the happiest days of his life. He felt relaxed and grateful, above all, which was the result of extensive rehearsal. It reaffirmed in him his own confidence and natural abilities. “So everybody was like, you look so calm. You look so relaxed. Oh, yeah. First, I've been waiting for this since 1985 when I was born, I was born ready.” He was able to be completely in the moment and have fun on perhaps the grandest stage in the world.

His first girlfriend

For Balvin, his partner in his first serious relationship was also the first person he told about his ambitions as an artist. It’s her continued unwavering support that he cites as crucial in his rise to stardom in the industry. While they did not workout best as a romantic couple, she is still his best friend and soulmate. “She's always been with me in my worst moments. She'[ll] always be with me, you know, even having a girlfriend. We all need someone to confide in and to help us up when we fall, and Balvin is as grateful for her as he is for anything else in his life.