Insane facts about the Super Bowl

162 million pounds of avocados eaten. 1.3 billion chicken wings devoured. 14 million people calling in "sick" on Monday morning. Here are some wild stats about the Super Bowl.

The biggest sporting event in the U.S.

The Kansas City Chiefs, who were led by Patrick Mahomes, had an epic Super Bowl comeback this year at Super Bowl LIV. This was the Chiefs first Super Bowl victory in over 50 years.

“Mahomes is the third African American quarterback to win a Super Bowl, joining Doug Williams (with Washington in Super Bowl XXII in 1988) and Russell Wilson (Seattle, Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014). And it's the first title for Andy Reid, 61, who up until Sunday night had been known as the best head coach to have never won a Super Bowl or NFL championship. This was his second Super Bowl appearance in his 21-year head coaching career,” CNN reports.

Learn more about the biggest sporting event in the U.S. with these insane facts.

2nd largest food consumption day

Approximately 162 million pounds of avocados were consumed as Americans watched Super Bowl 53 in 2019. As were roughly 1.3 billion chicken wings — enough to circle Earth 3 times. It is America's 2nd largest food consumption day, after Thanksgiving

The most-watched television

The Big Game is the most-watched television event in the U.S., with at least 100 million annual viewers since 2009. But globally, these events drew much larger audience: 1 billion people tuned in to watch the Germany v Argentina FIFA World Cup final in 2014, and the India v Pakistan Cricket World Cup game was also seen by approximately 1 billion people in 2015.

The 1st Super Bowl

The very first Super Bowl tickets cost $12 in 1967. The Packers were playing against the Chiefs. Today, the average ticket resale price is over $7,000. On average, ads cost $175,000 per second during the 2019 game.

The beloved ads

In 2020, drag queens will make their Super Bowl ad debut.

The Super Bowl and… pornography?

Meanwhile, pornography viewing dropped 20% below average from 6p.m. during the 2019 game — with site traffic surging 9% above average immediately after the game.

Super sick Monday

14 million people are apparently planning to call in sick the day after the game — with 25% of Americans agreeing that "Super Sick Monday" should be considered a national holiday.

Presidential congratulations

Sitting presidents have never attended the game but post-game congratulations are a tradition