Billie Eilish interviews her brother FINNEAS

We asked Billie Eilish and her brother-producer Finneas O'Connell to interview each other about songwriting together and how their bickering has evolved over time. It got wacky.

Billie Eilish and her brother, Finneas, reminisce on their childhood

Billie starts by asking her brother, “Can you recount a childhood memory with me that was important?”

Finneas laughs and answers, “I have a vivid memory of you wandering into my room as a toddler in only a diaper and picking a marble up off my floor, and holding it out like the skull of Yorick, and putting it as far down your throat as possible, and me reaching my whole entire arm into your esophagus to pull the marble out and save your life.”

Finneas asks Billie the next question

“Can you describe your childhood? What was it like growing up with me?”, he asks. They both laugh.

“Um. It was great, I always felt less talented. Growing up with you made me feel fully untalented. That’s about what it was.”, she replies.

“What about when you made the music video ‘For Sale’?”, he quips back.

“Shut up. Jesus. No, Finneas was the best big brother in the world. He was so kind and so caring and so sweet. Except for like one year, there was like one year in there where you did not like me at all. There was like, a year…”, she remarks.

When they started making music together

“Do you remember when we started making music together? What was it like?”, she asks her brother, and they both laugh.

“I do remember when we started making music together. It was fantastic. I remember… I feel that our relationship, professionally, has gotten more and more healthy. When we were young, we used to bicker unprofessionally. When we were young, much younger than today. We would bicker unprofessionally. And now I feel that we bicker professionally.”, he responds.

Music is an integral part of their relationship

“When did music become an integral part of our relationship?”, Finneas asks his sister. “2015.”, Billie laughs. She concludes, “I mean, if you want to technical, like when we actually started making music together. 2015. I was 13, you were 17? 18? That’s so crazy. That was when we started, and it was just really for fun. It was like there was no intention, it was just like, “Why not? Let’s do this.” But honestly music has been very important in our whole lives.”


02/21/2020 7:00 AM
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    did you see this? 👀 😂 😂 😂 😂

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    גילוי של עריות

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    I love finneas so much... one of my fav artists

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    03/24/2020 10:42

    So weird

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    03/23/2020 18:13

    its like when Keegan took a bite out of my deodorant

  • Bryndís M.
    03/22/2020 11:00

    Best thing in the world is good healthy relationships with our loved ones and those two have that! So wonderful. Ya the best. Just find something to bond over with your people like they do with music and the world (or at least your own personal world) will be better. Period.

  • Bryndís M.
    03/22/2020 10:58

    Love the I sights of those twooo! Thank you guys for sharing with us!

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    How hot he is! Super smart

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    Does she realise how ridiculous she looks??

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    These guys are good.

  • Janine M.
    03/17/2020 03:48

    Kinda over the self media attention of these two. They don’t need to keep talking about their bond. We see it. Just play music. No one wants to hear my life story 100 times over and how much I love my sister and my family. Be normal. If that’s in their gene pool.

  • Chris B.
    03/15/2020 12:42

    These TWO are sooo talented let’s hope they stay making music together . 🤘

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    She's so cute. I love her soooo much. Thanks for saving billies life finneas. 😊

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