ISIS prisoners in Syria

Thousands of suspected jihadists have been detained by Kurdish forces in Syria since the fall of ISIS. Brut. gained rare access into the prisons where ISIS fighters are held — this is what they told us.

Rare interview with ISIS members

Brut. got rare access to a high-security and heavily populated Kurdish prison in Syria where 5,000 alleged ISIS members are being held. We were able to interview two different prisoners. One was a 33-year-old male from the UK, and the other was a 24-year-old male originally from Belgium. They both moved to Syria in 2014 but feel different about their decision to move there.

When asked if they regret joining ISIS

“No, I don’t regret joining ISIS. I came here initially to help the people. That was my sole purpose, to help the Syrian people, which I did even when I was in the Islamic State. Every time the coalition bombs would happen, I would try my best to go dig the people out of the rubble. Every time I would be digging graves to bury the Syrian people. This was kind of my services that I could do, I did this. And I don’t regret this.”, stated the UK prisoner.

“Of course, I regret. I got really brainwashed. I was ISIS, I had the ideology, I was in the movie, thinking I’m going to take all the world.”, revealed the Belgian prisoner.

The prisoners are unaware of current events

Access was granted under two conditions: No filming the exterior of the prison, and no speaking to detainees about the news to prevent a revolt from happening. Prisoners aren’t aware of the death of ex-ISIS chief Abou Bakr Al-Baghdadi. It is unclear whether their home countries will request their extradition and whether they will be released. There are an estimated 11,000 ex-ISIS members being held in Kurdish prisons.

When asked about their future and families

“All it is, I just want to know if my family is alive. Nobody has ever given me this information.”, the UK prisoner said.


02/15/2020 12:58 PM


  • Linkk H.
    11 hours

    aw no the prison conditions are hard and ppl died? boohoo, im sure if the tables turned they would have been absolutely brutal 10 fold. you get what you deserve

  • Chris S.
    13 hours

    No sympathy whatsoever. It was their choice to fight for ISIS. Hope they all rot in hell.

  • Nicholaus E.
    13 hours

    So glad there’s no terrorist sympathizers here

  • Marcus E.
    13 hours

    Should we feel sorry for them?

  • Sanj M.
    14 hours

    Just gased them To death or feed them To the crocs or tigers....

  • Haider A.
    a day

    The isis is created by America Israel and his alliance like UK saudi arabia uae France and Australia the world knew all ready about yours drama killed millions of innocent people

  • Jack F.
    a day

    this dude was in isis, now he’s talking about his human rights he reckons 😂

  • Lyndon M.
    a day

    Lock up throw away the key let these murderous scum rot in hell

  • Jamie G.
    a day

    “People are dying in this prison everyday” ...... And?

  • Edward V.
    a day

    The way I see it, unfortunately we have had 5 thousand unfortunate mortal accidents. My regards to the family members of this terrible loss of life. These dogs cannot be allowed back into circulation, these dogs cannot be a part of the living. De animate every last one of them for the atrocities that they have caused the Kurdish people, and the world..

  • Tharanga G.
    a day

    Simply it’s “What goes around comes around”

  • Antonio R.
    a day

    Leva um desse pra tua casa palhaco .

  • Sta N.
    2 days

    Isis is not mean islamic state and isis correct mean inteligent secret izrael u know they are mossad in principe..

  • Perry B.
    2 days

    Wow. Real journalism, don't see that much anymore.

  • Tino C.
    2 days

    Lol people are brain washed isis don’t represent muslims just like the kkk don’t represent Christian’s. Stop using excuses to be racist these comments are rubbish

  • De S.
    2 days

    What kind of basic humanities they want ? Like you can kill others and you deserve basic humanities? I pray they die there soon

  • Dave M.
    2 days

    Set them on fire

  • Bruce D.
    2 days

    Put m against a wall

  • Bruce D.
    2 days

    Bet they wish they weren’t Isis now !

  • Tony C.
    2 days

    They would still have no problem killing you. All because they got caught dosent mean they arenot dangerous?? They should be executed.

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