How did Trump spend 2019?

Spoiler alert: there was some golf.

President Trump's 2019 by the numbers

119 days at Trump-owned properties

According to Forbes, this portion of Trump's empire, actually run by his children, has valuation of $562 million. According to Forbes, there were 33 licensing projects under development including seven "condo hotels" (the seven Trump International Hotel and Tower developments).

85 days golfing

According to CNN, Trump has spent at least 85 days this year at a golf club. Most of those trips have been to his own golf courses, effectively transferring public money to his own pockets. The cost to American taxpayers has so far been around $115 million, according to Trump Golf Count.

26 days spent oversees

Donald Trump has made 17 international trips to 23 countries (and also the West Bank) since he assumed the presidency on January 20, 2017. The number of visits per country where he traveled are: One visit to: Afghanistan, Argentina, Canada, China, Finland, Iraq, Israel, North Korea, Philippines, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Switzerland, Vatican City and the West Bank. Two visits to: Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Italy, South Korea, and Vietnam. Three visits to: Japan and the United Kingdom. Four visits to: France.

7,700 tweets

President Trump hit Twitter’s “send” button more than twice as often in 2019 as in 2018. … That’s compared to 775 retweets issued during his first two years in office.

21 campaign rallies

El Paso County Coliseum (El Paso, TX); Van Andel Arena (Grand Rapids, MI); Resch Center (Green Bay, WI); Aaron Bessant Park Amphitheater (Panama City Beach, FL); Williamsport Regional Airport (Montoursville, PA); Amway Center (Orlando, FL); Williams Arena (Greenville, NC); U.S. Bank Arena (Cincinnati, OH); SNHU Arena (Manchester, NH); Crown Expo Center; (Fayetteville, NC); Santa Ana Star Center (Rio Rancho, NM); Target Center (Minneapolis, MN); James E. Sudduth Coliseum (Lake Charles, LA); American Airlines Center (Dallas, TX); BancorpSouth Arena (Tupelo, MS); Rupp Arena (Lexington, KY); Monroe Civic Center (Monroe, LA); CenturyLink Center (Bossier City, LA); BB&T Center (Sunrise, FL); Giant Center (Hershey, PA) and Kellogg Arena (Battle Creek, MI)

45 executive orders

In 2019, Donald Trump published 45 executive orders (from EO 13857 through EO 13901).

1 impeachment….


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  • James M.
    4 days

    Trump is an idiot and a raciest crook

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    I'll vote for him

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    Love him

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    Trump is the goat

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    U might have to change impeachments to 2🤷‍♂️

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    01/12/2020 04:15

    Don't know what point this video is trying make. Who's the last president to not play a bunch of golf? And the impeachment shows how soft, weak willed, and completely out of touch with the American people the democrats are.

  • Cody B.
    01/11/2020 21:49

    It's nice that he can take his presidency and his amateur golf career on at the same time.. he must be a stable genius.

  • Charbel Z.
    01/11/2020 09:09

    Brut....on his.....

  • Darryl B.
    01/10/2020 17:40

    When does he work for the American people! He's either at a rally or golfing on the weekend at his properties!

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    I second that he's a disgrace

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    More than a Comedian ..Mr.Trump

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    You are the disgrace to all humanity!

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    This man alone can provide enough material to produce years of comedy shows on ALL channels. 24/7

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    Rich people have a need for walls in order to keep the riffraff from their properties. Which means they have a fear of people who got them there in the first place !

  • Rakib D.
    01/05/2020 14:27

    Colorful character. A topic for Future Hollywood blockbuster.

  • Rob W.
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    He.s shite at golf too

  • Hilda O.
    01/05/2020 09:39

    عمو.... نحلف براس عنتر ابن الشداد... حبيب عبلة... اشماتريد سوي.. بس بعيد عنا.. وعن اراضينا.... .. احنا لامن قريب ولا من بعيد النا هل اشكاليات. حاكوها طبخوها دستروها... احنا ولا على بالو. احنا. ياابو الوليد الحلو ابنك. من دخلوا العراق بعد ان انتوا من ادخلهم لو ماانتوا جانوا باقين. يبيعون جاي لبتون... ويخيطون الكتب ... بس بزودكم... وبقواتكم اجو دخلو.. قسموا.. كتبو دستور.. من حزب واحد سو احزاب جمالة كلها باسم الله وهي بعيدة عن تعاليم اااه.. وحاشا لله ان يكن له حزب. اذن اي الاه له حزب. الا في زمن الاة والعز من التمر جانوا من يحوعون ياكلون الاه.... احنا وحياة بكلتك بس نتفرج نريد نشوف تاليها.... منو. شنو شكو.... يعني مو كافي ياعيبة العيبة جمالة هما صاروا ازكن منك ياابو ايفانكا.. ترى عيب.... على الاقل انت فزت باموالك. هذولة جو بقوتكم وبعدين يردون يتنكرون الكم حتى يبقون بس حروب يشغلون العالم. وهم سرقات سرقات. ومم مال الشعب اغتنو. من مال مساعدات. مدت ايدهم. من الرعاية.. من اموال . التبرعات لمال الحوزات.. وحتي عمو مانعرف مصير باب الذي جلبته شاهبانو فرح ديبا عندما كانت امبراطورة ايران كان نذر عليها باب من الزجاج الفاخر فيه نقوش من المجوهرات النفيسة. ياليت تفتش ويانا وين صار الباب؟؟؟ فمخلص الحجي يابعد رويحة زوجتك... لا علينا ولا تريد ان. نتحارب احنا المحبين للوطن... لامن بعيد ولامن قريب.. فاخذ نفسك وفوت بيها اذا صادقين. ترى عمو.. بكرة عيد الجيش. وعيد الدنح اذا بيها چذب. ومسرحيات. تنزل لعنات..... عليكم من مياه المقدسة التي تقدس جسد السبد المسبح .... كلنا للعراق. والعراق شعب محب مثقف يحب كل الناس لايكره احد لايوصلوك معلومات خطا. مثلما عملوا بقضية صدام . جانوا يبجون لمصلحتهم ومصلحة ايران فقط. فقط والرب شاهد....

  • Willis D.
    01/04/2020 21:09

    Good grief, can't even spell. Typical pack of twisted truths. Liar, liar, hope your pants catch fire..... karma....

  • Connie M.
    01/04/2020 19:03

    some? thats all he does

  • Cody C.
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    Over. Sees. 👀