Joe Biden insults voters while campaigning

Joe Biden seems to have taken a unique approach to the 2020 campaign trail... yelling and insulting voters.

Falling in the polls

Joe Biden, who has fallen in the polls, recently insulted one of his supporters in New Hampshire during his campaign stop there. Madison Moore, who is a 21-year-old college student, asked the former Vice President of the United States, “How do you explain the performance in Iowa, and why should the voters believe that you can win the national election?” Biden takes the microphone and responds, “It’s a good question. Number one — Iowa is a Democratic caucus. You ever been to a caucus? No you haven’t.” He continues insulting the student by calling her a “lying dog-faced pony soldier.”

A hot topic of discussion

Unfortunately, this is not the first insult Biden has expressed to his supporters. On Stephen Colbert’s “The Late Show”, he discussed the seemingly ongoing insults from the former Vice President. Colbert even shared a graphic of Biden’s forehead with the words “Insult Generator” written across it. “The Daily Show” took it even further by creating a “Joe Biden Insult Bot” on Twitter. With this bot, users can get their own personalized, obscure insult from Biden which range from anything such as “Stuff it in your jim-jam, you little two timin’ Mrs. Cool Whip” to Easy on the mustard, ya scone-eating grass gobbler.”

Trying to put the fire out

Biden’s campaign has been working hard to address all of the stories discussing his recent behavior. For example, they were quick to point out that “a lying, dog-faced pony soldier” was simply a joke he has used before that comes from a John Wayne movie. Even though this may be true, it is confusing why he would not just answer the question directly. He is the most experienced candidate in the Democratic field, but he needs to fix this insult issue to stand a chance at the national election.


02/12/2020 2:57 PMupdated: 02/17/2020 6:34 PM
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  • Myron M.
    a day

    I watched the Democratic debate the other night and I felt like I was watching a bunch of monkeys trying to fu#k a football

  • Dustin T.
    a day

    , , Joe goes off on his voters like Geoff goes off on me😅

  • Laurie S.
    a day

    He’s toast.

  • Po B.
    a day

    Imagine next to the red button

  • David H.
    a day

    This is a true fact. The Democrats are so messed up that Donald will be here for 4 more years. Thank god. At the debate billionaires fighting billionaires about how to beat billionaires. It was a great clown show and better than America got talent

  • David M.
    2 days

    If he could have done anything positive he would have done it when he was vice president creepy old man

  • Marina F.
    2 days

    So very true!

  • Paul M.
    2 days

    I finally agree with Joe Biden! “You should vote for someone else’!

  • Hafez D.
    2 days

    The dem still mad they couldn't get trump out of office sleepily joe need a nap

  • Hafez D.
    2 days

    A trump wannabe

  • Girlie S.
    2 days

    He has done a lot for the people

  • Seamus C.
    2 days

    I'm not interested in Joe, like at all, but I kinda love his IDGAF attitude.

  • Los L.
    2 days

    Joe Biden

  • Mikhail S.
    2 days

    is he okay

  • Eric P.
    2 days

    joe bidden has the ball to tell it as it is. 😁

  • Jimmy T.
    2 days

    TRUMP 2020

  • Ludwig E.
    3 days

    He is just like Trump!!!, Always attacking people when they don't agree with him, I mean if we already got Trump, why another one after?

  • Ellis Y.
    3 days

    Joe's new book. "Hunting $for$ Barisma."

  • Alex S.
    3 days

    At least he has a spine and is real with people that is not a bad thing

  • Jessie G.
    3 days

    He's our best campaigner. He moved more Democrat to Republican than any person possible.