The life of Mitt Romney

The only Republican senator who voted to impeach Trump — and a part of a political dynasty. This is Mitt Romney.

An American politician and businessman

He ran for president twice, he’s a Mormon, a family man, and the only Republican senator who voted to impeach the president. This is the story of Mitt Romney.

He was born in 1947, in Detroit As a teenager, he caught the political bug, watching his father George, become Governor of Michigan. At 19, he went to France as a Mormon missionary, and learnt the language. He reportedly managed to convert a dozen people during his 30-month stint. He survived a horrific car crash, and returned to the U.S., where he married Ann, his high-school sweetheart, in 1969.

After graduating from Harvard in 1975, Romney spent nearly 20 years working for Bain Capital At 37, Romney’s first campaign against Ted Kennedy for a Senate seat, was a failure. He reportedly told his brother "I never want to run for something again unless I can win". In 1998, Ann Romney was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Romney took over the scandal-ridden 2002 Salt Lake City Games. They served as a launching pad for his first successful election.

The Governor of Massachusetts At 55, following his father’s footsteps, he became Governor but of Massachusetts. He ran his first presidential campaign, in 2008, pursuing the Republican nomination. John McCain attacked Romney on his political opportunism, and numerous ideological flip-flops, like his stance on abortion. Romney dropped out.

His presidential run In 2012, Romney ran for president again, this time becoming his party’s nominee, earning the support of Donald Trump. Romney lost, missing his chance to become the first Mormon president in U.S. history. In 2016, Mitt Romney criticized Donald Trump’s run.

After Trump’s election, when Romney was considered for Secretary of State, he changed his position… “It’s not easy winning. I know that myself, he did something I tried to do and was unsuccessful in accomplishing. He won the general election and he continues with a message of inclusion and bringing people together.”, he shared.

Making his mark on history In 2018, Romney ran for Senator, with Trump’s endorsement. By the age of 72, Romney became U.S. senator and tensions with the president resumed. In 2020, Romney made history, by becoming the first U.S. senator to impeach a president from his own party.


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  • Julie L.
    3 days

    Thank you Mitt Romney for being able to stand up for what's right even when you know you will be ridiculed.

  • Jim H.
    3 days

    So happy to see my cousin holding to his values! The descendants of the Warner clan are true to the faith and true to their principals. Thank the Lord!! ❤

  • Steve E.
    3 days

    Yes, you were wrong. You are not Republican, you are a Democrat (wolf in sheeps clothing. Your jealousy of Trump because he made Presidency and you didn't make it has you blind to yourself denile.

  • Rick L.
    3 days

    Mitt, NIT-MITT!

  • Lana C.
    3 days

    Miscreant are a sickening person that all Republicans hate. GET...OUT...OF...OUR...PARTY..!! You are the country's biggest fraud! Leave, already!!!

  • John E.
    3 days

    And Now Romney is trying again to put on his Good Republican Face so he can run for president one more time. BAGGGGG ITTTTT, MITT. GO HOME YOU'RE NOT WANTED OR WELCOME HERE. SAY GOOD BYE AND QUIETLY LEAVE...NEVER TO RETURN. YOU WILL NEVER BE PRESIDENT . . .

  • Jeff L.
    3 days

    I really wonder why his wife would back him. She must be so embarrassed to be with him. Or maybe she is just not that smart!

  • Jeff L.
    3 days

    Romney needs to quit playing to both sides of the fence! He is a flim flam guy. Useless to be in government! A dolt in every term of the word.

  • Deb O.
    3 days

    He's a MORON!!!!

  • Vanessa E.
    6 days

    Traitor to party and to FRIEND who HELP back his failed election bids.RINO.

  • Bill G.
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  • Manuel M.
    09/13/2021 13:07

    Corrupt sellout 🤡

  • David S.
    09/13/2021 02:01

    Not only were you wrong but you are a disappointment to your party. And to the American people

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    09/12/2021 17:35

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  • Melody S.
    09/12/2021 07:29

    Do not want to hear anything he has to say. He has betrayed us more than once and will do it again. Do not trust this man and I would never vote for him. I think he voted to impeach Trump just because he was jealous over the fact that he didn't win and hopefully he will never win. He needs to be put out of politics completely he is not trustworthy