Who is Roger Stone?

Roger Stone, Trump loyalist and self-described "agent provocateur" has been sentenced to 3 years, 4 months in prison amid uproar after Donald Trump criticized the prosecutors' sentencing recommendation. This is his story.

An ally and friend of Donald Trump

He’s a Republican political strategist, and a self-described “agent provocateur.” This is Roger Stone. Before becoming a Republican, Stone was a JFK supporter at 8 years old. He's worked on Republican campaigns since the 1970s. When he was just 19, his name first came up amid a famous scandal. He met Donald Trump in 1979 and encouraged him to run for president since the late 1980s.

Found guilty

In 2016, Stone was briefly an advisor on Trump’s campaign. In November 2019, Stone was found guilty of 7 criminal counts including obstruction of justice, witness tampering, and lying to Congress. His conviction is connected to the release by Wikileaks of thousands of emails stolen from Hillary Clinton's campaign. Stone later denied any involvement with Assange.

His sentence

In February 2020, the prosecution recommended a sentence of 7 to 9 years in jail, for Stone. But then in a dramatic move, the DOJ overruled the recommendations the day after Trump tweeted about it. 4 of the prosecutors on Stone’s case resigned, amid fears the Executive branch of the government is interfering with the DOJ. He is the 6th Trump aide to be convicted of charges as part of the Mueller probe.

What does this mean?

Judge Amy Berman Jackson sentenced Stone to 40 months in federal prison, but he is a friend to Donald Trump. Since he is an ally to President Trump, most people are expecting him to be eventually pardoned by the President. At least in the eyes of legal observers, being a friend to Trump, or someone her personally favors, seems to be enough to severely minimize the essential force of the law. Alas, Roger Stone appears to only be the most recent, obvious face of Trump’s efforts to eliminate the boundaries surrounding the justice department’s independence.


02/20/2020 5:27 PMupdated: 07/13/2020 4:42 PM


  • Lorenzo C.
    08/02/2020 07:35

    I guess we have to wait until after the election to read his tell all book..I'm sure he will have one ..

  • Rani P.
    07/28/2020 13:36

    Another despicable tumor.

  • Tony G.
    07/28/2020 07:31

    Roger stone and you are both pimps and use your own merchandise like coke🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Jim M.
    07/28/2020 03:03

    Roger Stone is a crook who knows all the Emperor's secrets.

  • Larry S.
    07/26/2020 23:06

    Don't forget that while Trump's corrupt buddies are being released from prison, the innocent babies he kidnapped and caged are still locked up.

  • Bill R.
    07/25/2020 15:56

    Time for Trump, Roger Stone, Trumps family,and the republicans,to put on their orange jump suits.

  • Susan V.
    07/23/2020 18:55

    Lock him up again!!!!!

  • Mark G.
    07/22/2020 13:13

    No shame

  • Barbara S.
    07/21/2020 21:11

    Ok ni

  • Barbara S.
    07/21/2020 21:10

    Ok ni

  • Robert I.
    07/21/2020 17:12

    I don’t argue with #45 supporters. They know he’s a liar. Know he’s guilty.They just love his racism

  • Richard M.
    07/21/2020 14:53

    Only 7 felonies...smh

  • Michael C.
    07/21/2020 13:56

    Ben Clayton,first off, I would support a Bush Cheney prison stint, however to call me a liar and a cheat, well just look into the mirror and you will see what you say right in front of your eyes

  • Janet J.
    07/20/2020 17:26

    Hes a criminal just like you.. two pees in a pod..

  • Nancy S.
    07/20/2020 09:48

    Can the new administration reissue an arrest and trial for this criminal correcting what the imbecile trump has done, afrer the election?

  • Eliz A.
    07/20/2020 06:16

    He even looks like the old mob bosses in those glasses and fedora

  • Robert M.
    07/19/2020 23:50

    Trump is a disgrace to all humans

  • Dean W.
    07/19/2020 21:52

    A convicted criminal.

  • Donna B.
    07/19/2020 18:58

  • John R.
    07/19/2020 09:51

    Criminal pardoning criminals

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