The story of Melissa Lucio, the woman on death row in Texas

The first Hispanic woman on death row, Melissa Lucio stands accused of murdering her daughter. But as filmmaker Sabrina Van Tassel investigated the case, she found there was more to the story …

15/09/2021 16:58

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  • Dierra L.
    7 horas

    I see all the wyt ppl coming with facts not realizing it's only said to get you to watch the documentary about this lady. None of you probably watched it cause you felt attacked smh ... which is apart of her point y'all don't care about other ppl. Just watch it folks.

  • Divinity D.
    10 horas

    Well her saying you have to be this or that to be on death roll is a lie anyone from any back ground can be on death roll because they have made a movie( monster ) of a white women who was on death roll and was executed..

  • Salvador N.
    14 horas

    She need to stay on death row

  • AngeLa M.
    14 horas

    That's not true there are and have been many white people on death row.

  • Susan M.
    20 horas

    Why is she innocent? Because she was abused and had drug addictions. There’s no excuse for hurting a child. I don’t agree with getting rid of dead penalty, there are sick people that deserve to die. I do agree that everyone should have a fair trial.

  • Ameria C.
    un día

    I’ve watched the documentary she did not do that her baby fell down the stairs when she was moving into a new place she had 8 children the child even said he saw his sister fall.

  • Charolette B.
    un día

    She needs to check her information

  • Tonja B.
    un día


  • Carlos R.
    un día


  • Jose L.
    un día

    She did it so she deserves to die. No sympathy from me, hispanic or not.

  • Debra M.
    un día

    who is that lady making such a broad statement? I know the death row inmates in az are white.

  • Daniel G.
    un día

    Just the beginning it’s a lie, how many white menor women have been recently killed? Is she living in wonderland? That’s the issue in America today, let’s create fake stories and sell it to the people who Never Read. People like her should be shun and arrested for Lying to the people, she’s a cancer that needs to be removed!!🙏🤞

  • Larry S.
    un día

    That is a dam lie

  • Blanca G.
    un día

    Que la maten !!!! Ella Mato a su bebé

  • Lá K.
    2 días

    and they want American great again i thought we was all equal

  • Angela D.
    2 días

    Rubbish just don't do the crime period they deserve what they get state the facts dear

  • Mayra R.
    2 días

    This mom is wrongly accused, it was her daughter.

  • Tina M.
    2 días

    Plenty of white men are executed in Mo.

  • Angel K.
    2 días

    Wait what.....are u serious? That is such a false statement 2 make. Now people are putting a race on death row inmates 🙄 what is wrong with the world. I have been around 46yrs and never in my life heard so much racist rants in my life then in the last yr or two. People now and days are just insane the things they say & come up with. There are tons of white people on death row just like blacks, or Hispanic but I dont see them as a race I see them as cold blooded killers their there for a reason & its definitely not because of the color of their skin!!!!

  • Sonia D.
    2 días

    Looks interesting!!!