Delhi Man Rants About Alcohol Queues


Alcohol (or the prospect of buying it) makes people less tongue-tied. 🤣

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Gone Too Soon, The Quiet Superstar


In an industry dominated by chiselled faces and sculpted bodies, he came with a pair of eyes that could act… and the whole world watched.😎

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The Life of Bollywood's Lead Romantic


For decades, he romanced Bollywood's leading ladies on screen, obstinately carrying on the legacy of Indian cinema's first family. He passed away from cancer last week amid a nationwide lockdown. This is his life story. 🕺

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Nightmare To Hope: A Covid Survivor’s Journey


She fought off Covid-19 and donated blood plasma to help others recover. Ahmedabad's Smruti Thakkar spoke to Brut about her journey from Paris to a hospital in Ahmedabad and home. 😮😮

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3 Pieces Of Good News During Covid-19


These news stories came as a ray of hope in the times of a global pandemic. 🌈

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Police Quell Migrant Workers' Protest In Surat


It’s Surat again. Migrant workers desperate to go home clashed with the police. This, despite a string of special trains pressed in to ship them back to their home states. 😳

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Maharashtra’s Covid-19 Battle: Blow By Blow


How has India’s worst affected state handled the Covid-19 crisis? A timeline.

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Dad & Daughter Set Lockdown Goals


This dad is spending the lockdown helping his 5-year-old daughter get super fit. 🏋️‍♀️

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Liquor Sale Amid Lockdown Sparks Mad Rush


Forty days into a crippling lockdown, resumption of alcohol sale left India all tipsy-turvy.😮

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SRK Singing About Quarantine Is 💯


Shah Rukh Khan hopes for better days in this singing act. Watch his son AbRam temper his enthusiasm at the end. 😍

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