Activist Rents Buses For Outstation Patients


Remember all the patients who would line up outside AIIMS in Delhi? This woman is offering them food and a safe ride home.

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Special Eid At Vaishno Devi Quarantine Centre


On Ramzan, this Vaishno Devi facility has come as a blessing for Muslims in quarantine.

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Visiting The Barbershop In A Covid World


Chop chop! This very routine activity looks very different today. 😮😮

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Italian Priest Croons Malayalam Melody


This soulful Malayalam song of hope and homecoming is exactly what we need. It comes all the way from Italy.. 🎼

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Four Things Keeping Covid-19 In Check


Before the crisis even hit, India had 4 tools ready to use in the fight against Covid-19.

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Migratory Pests From The West


A swarm of locusts is heading towards our western states. They’ve ravaged Africa’s crops for years, and here’s how they can endanger India’s farms.

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Obesity And Diabetes Aggravate Covid-19 Infections


People with obesity and diabetes are said to be more vulnerable to Covid-19. Brut spoke to Dr. Vikas Dua for clarity.

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2 Children, A Man, A Cycle & Lockdown


No work for over a month and unlikely to get any in the near future. These images show why lakhs of migrant workers are undertaking the most difficult journeys of their lifetime.

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Feeding Surat’s 1.5 Lakh Jobless Every Day


This NGO is collecting rotis from people’s homes to feed Surat’s distressed migrant workers.🍽

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Meet Pune's Waste Warrior


This Octogenarian from Pune turns garbage into a garden. Special thanks to for the footage.

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