This Sangakkara Speech On Unity Went Viral

Sri Lankan cricket great Kumar Sangakkara's remarks on unity from February struck a poignant note after terror blasts in the country killed more than 250 people. 🖐👏

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This Poll Booth In Gujarat Has Only 1 Voter

He lives all alone, deep inside a jungle. But every election, he welcomes a group of people who make sure he casts his vote. 👏

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Wheeler Dealer: Rs. 2 Crore Crammed Into Spare Wheel Ahead Of Poll

Wheeler Dealer! In an election-bound constituency in Karnataka, a spare wheel was stuffed with Rs. 2 crore. 😱

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Why India’s Chief Justice Is Facing A Probe

This complaint eventually led to an investigation against the Chief Justice of India.

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Student Recalls Tragic Scenes In Sri Lanka Church

This Sri Lankan schoolgirl’s account of the tragic Easter Sunday blasts is heart-wrenching.

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Political Films Stir Up Controversy for Election Season

Bollywood put out a string of politically-themed films leading up to this election season. Will they influence voters? 👀

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The BJP's Enormous Election Machine

How does PM Narendra Modi speak to millions of voters across the country? 😎

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A Stone Painter Rises Amidst Stone-Pelters

Stone-pelting? No, stone painting. Gowhar Nabi from Srinagar has found a radically different purpose for stones, the symbol of Kashmir’s street protests. 👏

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This Snack Seller Is A Political Change Agent

This street hawker wants to change Indian politics. ✊

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Meet Nirmala Sitharaman, India’s Defence Minister

She is only the second woman to hold the post of India’s defence minister. But few know about her journey from Madurai to New Delhi to London and back. Who is she?

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