Now Serving: Hi-Tech Indian Food

Could this robot change the future of Indian cooking? 🤖 🥘

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Srinagar’s Soura Area Fends Off Security Forces

After security forces locked down their city, the locals of this Srinagar neighbourhood locked them out.

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India’s Tallest Man Finds Love Out of Reach

At 8 feet 1 inches, he is among the world’s four tallest men but he is struggling to find a girl to marry.

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Eight-Year-Old Reacts To Age-Old Toys

How much do Indian kids know about these retro toys? Brut India asked star reviewer Kyrascope to test them out.

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This Scary Monster Helps Sick Children

Every Janmashtami, this gentle monster raises lakhs to treat sick children who can't afford it. Thanks to Milaap for the footage!

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When Journalists Forget to Turn Off Their Phones Around Actors

These celebrities have found a new calling: pranking reporters who left their phone on during press events! 😂😎

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This Kerala Village is The World’s “Twins” Capital

This village in Kerala is gaining world attention for producing more twins than anywhere else. 👭👬

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Priyanka Chopra Called a Hypocrite For Supporting Military

This Bollywood star's comments about the India-Pakistan situation caused international tension that went right up to the UN.

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Birds Have No Answer To India’s Killer Kites

The Chinese manjha, banned two years ago but still a top choice for kite-fliers, is killing birds in the hundreds. Even humans aren’t safe any longer. 😰

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Stunning Show of Bioluminescence In Chennai

Waves at a beach in Chennai sparkled blue due to the phenomenon of bioluminescence. But it's not all great news for the oceans. 😦

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