Local Jugaad Saves 85-Year-Old From Drowning

After an elderly woman accidentally fell into a well in Karnataka, local farmers came up with this genius idea to fish her back to safety.

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Class Six Student Set For Monkhood

This 12-year-old was all smiles about living the rest of her life as a monk. 😇

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Mamata Infuriated By Taunts

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's full fury was just unleashed 🔥

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Like Gorilla, Like Human

Gorillas from a zoo in the US took shelter from the rain in a manner eerily similar to humans. 🦍

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Why This Constituency Voted NOTA

Were NOTA voters happy with the results?

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Hug, High-Five, Handshake, or All?

A teacher in Telangana teaches her students what consent looks like. 🤜 🤛

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Trinamool Workers Defect To The BJP

After the general election stab, Bharatiya Janata Party is twisting the knife on the TMC in Bengal. 😮

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The First Woman To Fly The Atlantic Solo

Captain Aarohi Pandit piloted the flight of her lifetime as she soared over the Atlantic on her own, making aviation history.

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This Train Salesman Is Hilarious

He may well be the best salesman in the country. But don’t be surprised if you see him as a standup comic next. 😂Special thanks to Manan Desai

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Rajinikanth On Why Modi Won 2019

Even superhuman Rajinikanth was humbled by Modi's performance in the elections.

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