Scientists designed a sustainable diet for 2050

More nuts, less sugar and red meat. Here's the sustainable diet that could feed 10 billion people by 2050. 🍎🌽

22/01/2019 17:50actualizado: 24/04/2020 19:05


  • Jeanette L.
    27/04/2020 13:37

    The planet certainly cant sustain the population growth as we are so something has to, HAS to, change. There's nowhere else to go if we mess up our beautiful planet

  • Tanel L.
    27/04/2020 12:53

    even better: go vegan. its the best option for the planet

  • Phil T.
    27/04/2020 12:22

    10 billion people is gat to much of a strain on resources and the environment, not to mention habitat pressure on most of the planets vulnerable species. 1-2 billion is more than enough.

  • Abraham C.
    27/04/2020 11:16