The billionaire space race: where do they want to take us?

Three billionaires fly into space. Here's what they each hope to achieve ...

20/07/2021 17:30actualizado: 20/07/2021 17:31


  • Cristian W.
    23/11/2021 04:24


  • Shah J.
    20/10/2021 22:08

    Nowhere...there is nowhere to go except to remain on this planet...they just want more money from the taxpayer for their failed projects and future reassurance for more taxpayers funds.

  • Susan R.
    17/10/2021 13:27

    Fix earth first! Pay your taxes!

  • Tony A.
    16/10/2021 22:45

    Everyone is complaining .... but, yet.. we celebrate people like Christopher Columbus, who... was a rich guy, exploring new lands to bring back slaves for money. What's the difference?

  • Kathy W.
    16/10/2021 13:49

    pay taxes

  • David E.
    16/10/2021 07:30

    Their egos can go where no man's has gone before.

  • Jeremiah T.
    16/10/2021 06:49

    Did these 3 idiots talk to Prince William and asked WHAT he thinks about fools promoting space tourism when the planet is dying?

  • Lea S.
    16/10/2021 06:12


  • Soosahna R.
    16/10/2021 05:22

    Fools wasting money, and punching holes in our atmosphere.

  • Anton D.
    16/10/2021 05:19

    As they destroy the only planet worth living on...

  • David K.
    16/10/2021 04:36

    How to be a big piece of crap.

  • Jess Y.
    16/10/2021 04:36

    Bande de gros nuls irresponsables ! C'est pas suffisant de pourrir notre terre 🤬🤬😡😠 C'est ça "nos puissants"?! Pauvre monde 😔 La lune quoi ! Il veut aller pourrir notre lune... Rien que ça.

  • Timmy S.
    16/10/2021 03:26

    Musk is the humble guy that truly is going for it... bozos is driven by ego... Branson is just tagging along in the tail, not sure what he wants, lol

  • Md Z.
    16/10/2021 03:11

    save earth first..then go to space...together

  • Gaurav D.
    28/07/2021 12:37

    It's all about the money. After space it will be Atlantis.

  • Beth C.
    28/07/2021 11:34

    Glad pretty much everyone is pissed at this 👏 three complete morons with no respect for our earth and environment

  • Sakshi S.
    26/07/2021 15:53

    Before we go looking for life on other planets, can we stop killing life on this one?

  • Khan A.
    26/07/2021 05:03

    Ridiculous useless for humanity they can't feed poor or make earth better shame on them greedily minded

  • Shraddha P.
    25/07/2021 21:04

    So they want the climate change to take place in space now? STOP IT ALREADY

  • Nachung Y.
    25/07/2021 13:55

    Kindly 1st safe mother earth 🌎