This is an environmental success story

This is the story of a global awakening. In 1985, a huge hole in the ozone layer was discovered. Shortly after that, the whole world got involved. 34 years of efforts later, we can see the results.

24/11/2019 9:38


  • Renee S.
    27/12/2019 11:09

    Only one Mother Earth!!

  • Sady C.
    27/12/2019 10:12

    Would love to see....if all can bring back the 80s forest cover of the Earth surface......

  • Don V.
    27/12/2019 06:43

    Political will is the key to save our planet. Stop corruption and spend the money to environmental and sanitation projects.

  • Zelly B.
    26/12/2019 22:52

    I looked this CFC stuff up ages ago, because I thought well we have transitioned before so we can do it again. The reason we transitioned before was the influence of Dow Corning chemicals

  • Anna F.
    26/12/2019 22:05

    Sad... There have been several environmentalists who Cared, still do.. People Need to start to listening to them, as well ! xoxo :-)

  • Franco A.
    26/12/2019 18:37

    Que raro que sale a la luz cuando se produjo el huracán de fuego en la Antártida. EEUU PROBANDO ARMAS NUCLEARES

  • Mustapha B.
    26/12/2019 17:30

    We wish a sustainable developed world for the generations to come.