Comedian Gaurav Kapoor Makes Emotional Appeal

"Stop making heroes out of abusive social media influencers." Comedian Gaurav Kapoor reacts to rape threats received by a female comic.

13/07/2020 15:57
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  • Adesh S.
    21/07/2020 08:29

    Jis din islam pe joke mar ke jinda bach jaoge us din equality aur joke is a joke bolna

  • Afshan W.
    21/07/2020 07:03

    Thank you Gaurav! God bless you.

  • Sankar A.
    20/07/2020 23:51

    If you have guts then make offensive joke on prophet Muhammad and islam then you will know the consequences and we will watch

  • Sankar A.
    20/07/2020 23:27

    Brut India i did not expect on you dont defend that heinous woman,but dont advocating or biased of those vulture people who have threatened the girl by abusing her or rape threat ,i personally dont appriate it at all and they must be punished asper law ,i condemned their blatant activieties it is not to be condoned what they did to the so called standup comedian but consequently she misuse constitution right of FREEDOM of speech ,SO SHE SHOULD APOLOGISE FOR THAT ,SHIVAJI IS THE GREATEST WARRIOR EMPERIOR heritage IDIOL ,FREEDOM FIGHTER FOR US SO ANY COMEDIAN CANT DISHONOUR HUMILOATE HIM WE REMAIN SILENT SPECTATOR ITS NOT POSSIBLE BECAUSE eventually NOW HINDU COMMUNITY IS AWAKEN AND HOW TO atleast raise voice against these kind of activies or AGAINST any DISCRIMINATION in a suitable peaceful language protest

  • Anshuman S.
    19/07/2020 07:27

    Ye kya Chal rha h..... Sab Ek dusre ko marne marane per tul gye h.... Desh ke youth ke laude lage hue h Bahinchod

  • Samad M.
    18/07/2020 17:45

    ab to rape karne walo ke samrthan me log andolan karte hai 😥 kaise ghatiya soch ho gai hai kuch logon ki 🤔😪

  • Wilfred M.
    17/07/2020 11:27

    India is very sensitive when it comes to religion there has to be some laws setup for stand up comedy. The person should be given a stern warning by the cops in regards of the jokes that were done. Secondly any kind of rape threats should not be allowed good work by the police to work swiftly and get both of them arrested. We are the future of India we need to work together.

  • Khush S.
    17/07/2020 10:45

    Abe Madarchod tu v toh gaali de rha uski maa behen Ko tu chappal Marega Wah

  • Khush S.
    17/07/2020 10:42

    Rape threats send that guy in prison n this fking moron insulting Hinduism Wt abt that? Huh

  • Aniket B.
    17/07/2020 09:55

    Ye Magarmach wale aansu kahi aur dikhana bhai sahab😒 Yeah we accept that boy was wrong and currently He is in custody and we are happy with that...Just like that boy has no rights to speak about any woman..similarly you so called comedians have no right to speak about any Religion or u better be in your limits...And those sadakchaap gaali wale mawalis ko police dekh legi...Tum log kisiko offend krnewale jokes kro hi mt...Comedy krne se kisne roka hai..kro but Comedy hi kro bakchodi mt kro...Johny lever, Sunil Pal inka naam to suna hoga na..unke comedy pe aaj tk kisine kuch ni bola...and reason is clear. So you stop Insulting Gods and Culture under the name of Comedy.

  • Nirbhay G.
    17/07/2020 09:49

    Bhai Rone ka alag se milta hoga na paisa ???

  • Vishal K.
    17/07/2020 09:43

    Waah bc tum comedy ke naam pr tum hindu bhagwano ko gali to maharaj shivaji ko gali to bhagwan ram ko gali do or koi kuch na kre jus ldki ke baat kr rha hai tu wmusne fuckoff ko raam bhagwan se compare kr rhi hai Gand mai guda hai tum logo ke to muslim Christian pr joke maar ke dikhao na. Gya na wo band baby penguin bolne pr jail. Or tum log hi modi ko fascists bolte ho freedom of speech ke naam or tum logo ne modi ko kya kya nai bola. Comdey nai aata hai to chhod do bc

  • Bishal M.
    17/07/2020 07:29

    Randi ke bacche gaurav... Bosdike abhi jo tu ro raha hai... Jab agrima joshua ne "Acid attacks and Rape is funny" bola tha tab madarchod tu chup kyu tha re ???

  • Terrel R.
    17/07/2020 07:19

    Gaurav am glad that you stood up for such unacceptable behaviour. Had reported the same to Facebook to take it off media but they refused to do it...

  • Ashok G.
    17/07/2020 06:07

    Tum sale do khodi k comedian, comedy k naam pr hindu or Hinduism ka mazak udate ho or fir yeh bhi soachte ho ki hum react na kare bus as a comedy le or hase. Agar itne he comedian ho to muslims or unke Allah k joke bano fir dhekte hai khon tolent or khon nhi. Bhul gaye charle habdo or kamlesh Tiwari ka kya hua. Hame bolte hai hum tolerant nhi hai. Mana maine Gujarat wale ne galat bola usko aisa nhi bolna chaiye tha lekin tum galat comedy karoge to tum galat sunuge bhi or pitoge bhi.

  • Er R.
    17/07/2020 05:59

    Kya acting kr raha hai bhai ye .....badiya... Itna bura Lag raha hai to shivaji maharaj k bare me bolne se pahle sochna chahiye tha...aur tune usko rokna chagiye tha....bc

  • Kiran D.
    17/07/2020 05:48

    Thank u for ur views

  • GT S.
    17/07/2020 05:46

    Comedians are bunch of jokers , hinduphobic and when action is being taken against dem ,, they using victim ... Reduced comedy to sex , abuse and cheapness

  • Amit S.
    17/07/2020 04:47

    That's why watch your mouth before speaking.

  • Honey M.
    17/07/2020 04:44

    I agree.. but the good thing is that that man is arrested.. and I hope he will get punished for what he did .