Daniel Toben has picked up over a million pieces of trash

“I’m giving up a normal life and I’m just going to clean up the planet.” Daniel Toben has picked up over 10,000 bags of trash in North Carolina...and he’s inspiring others to clean up their communities too ...

09/10/2021 16:58actualizado: 07/12/2021 20:12


  • Malou L.
    10/11/2021 18:46

    God bless you young man. Keep loving the environment and I hope more young people follows you.

  • E G.
    09/11/2021 18:00

    It is a very sad sight to see such a lot of human waste in such beautiful places of nature.. Just wanna ask God bless... Amen

  • Ruben V.
    09/11/2021 16:31

    Thank you Sir for your time and contribution to our planet 🌎

  • Trish H.
    08/11/2021 13:31

    Loving your passion and example Daniel Toben. Bless you!

  • Sundy P.
    08/11/2021 10:05

    Thank you Daniel hopefully people see your effort saving mother earth 🌍.

  • Viviana K.
    07/11/2021 02:58

    They don't do it because most of them think it's not their job, they trash it up and expect others to clean it for them

  • Renee B.
    06/11/2021 19:51

    It is a sad commentary on just how many just fling their garbage and either don't care about the environment, or just figure someone else will pick up after them. 😠

  • Kaneesha G.
    06/11/2021 17:42

    Thank you ❤

  • Mary M.
    06/11/2021 17:03

    That people have so little respect for the world, and are so freaking lazy, makes me so sad. I'm sorry you have to take up the slack for these awful people...😢

  • Ewa W.
    06/11/2021 14:18

    Great initiative - how is he making money ? Donations ? Sponsors ?

  • Corey L.
    06/11/2021 12:29

    Problem solved instead of feeding the inmates for nothing Chain gang them and clean up our streams and road ways national parks and whatever else. Some states like Georgia already do this. We pay to incarcerate them for their bad judgment teach them a lesson.

  • Durantetest T.
    06/11/2021 05:40

    You'll just make recycling companies richer. The same trash will be right back.

  • Joshua À.
    06/11/2021 04:07

    a true person who loves nature

  • Leslie B.
    06/11/2021 03:03

    Glad there's someone who still cares! Thank you❤

  • Brenda B.
    06/11/2021 01:54

    Sadly, like dog waste, people don't think they can lower themselves to pick up even their own garbage. Mostly they like to think it is beneath them because they are so precious.

  • Karen Z.
    05/11/2021 23:49

    Thank you Daniel for your service ❤ Our city hires a cleaning crew for the highway and they can't keep up with it all.

  • George B.
    05/11/2021 23:41

    Finally someone on social media making sense

  • Emilio S.
    05/11/2021 22:34

    And what good does it do to the environment to just place it on a landfill?

  • Sheila J.
    05/11/2021 22:32

    It shows such a disrespect of other folk to leave such a mess. I wonder if they do the same at home? And who cleans up after them there?

  • Remon V.
    05/11/2021 22:15