Donald Trump's relationship with protestors: It's complicated

"He's a really good young guy." After Kyle Rittenhouse's visit to Donald Trump, here's a look back at the ex-president's ambivalent relationship to protesters ... and counter protesters.

24/11/2021 18:27actualizado: 24/11/2021 18:29


  • Arthur L.
    28/11/2021 01:53

    Trump is a low life scumbag. All his supporters are just the same.

  • Mike W.
    27/11/2021 04:02

    We all know he has no idea wtf he is saying stop listening and paying attention he will go away

  • Boyd H.
    25/11/2021 00:22

    Looking back on trumps choices of “the best” people this comes as no suprise

  • Lowell M.
    25/11/2021 00:20

    This fckn dude is a joke..

  • 周俊
    24/11/2021 19:16


  • Rob M.
    24/11/2021 18:59


  • Kay S.
    24/11/2021 18:48

    When you think the tangerine 💩stain can't go any lower... 🤮