An instrument that can play the music of plants

Have you ever heard a plant sing? This artist and entrepreneur invented a device that lets you listen to music created by plants. Keep your sound on for this one.

26/09/2021 16:58


  • Tristan D.
    2 días

    I’d like to have that device!

  • Katrina F.
    2 días

    Amazingly beautiful ❤

  • Syafika A.
    5 días


  • Christopher M.
    06/01/2022 02:14

    What if it really sounds like heavy metal but they make it sound like pansy music

  • Nash W.
    31/12/2021 22:42

    This is so you,

  • Sharon J.
    31/12/2021 00:41

    I want one

  • Abraham L.
    29/12/2021 22:50


  • Tee N.
    22/12/2021 18:04

    You been lied to. No such thing as plant music. This machine is pre recorded sound going off on randomness.

  • Albina M.
    22/12/2021 17:39

    Marry me 👀👀👀👀

  • Cosmos K.
    20/12/2021 03:37

    What is that first plant name? Can anyone pls tell me

  • Hod F.
    18/12/2021 18:42

    צריך להשיג אחד כזה

  • Aaron S.
    18/12/2021 16:59

    I want to get one and clamp it to my nipples and then maybe other people's and see if it sounds different

  • Glennton Q.
    18/12/2021 16:22

    Where can i buy this instrument?

  • Andre G.
    18/12/2021 11:31

    I would like to see what comes out of a 300 year old BCfur tree.

  • Dana S.
    18/12/2021 09:33


  • Cecilia X.
    17/12/2021 04:14

    Eliseo Subiela fue un visionario.

  • Mary L.
    17/12/2021 02:19


  • Ralph R.
    16/12/2021 22:34

    Don't need a deeper relationship with my plants,but this is very cool.

  • Roberto R.
    16/12/2021 19:20

    plantas musicales...

  • Sharon G.
    16/12/2021 13:04

    So he said he makes the musical formula to make it sound harmonious. So is that not you raw plant sound? I can understand trying to make it easier to listen to, but wouldn't it be skewing the actual sound? Like autotune or even some other filter 🤔