This device could save glaciers from melting

Stopping glaciers from melting seems like an impossible challenge. But with this invention, researchers might just have a solution...

This device could save glaciers from melting

At least, that’s the hope of these researchers from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland. The principle: a high-altitude snow cannon, which collects the melted water from a glacier and transforms it into snow.

After an initial test on site, they plan to deploy this device on the Morteratsch glacier, which is also a victim of global warming. A glacial lake upstream will serve as a source of water, which will flow to the cannon by the simple effect of gravity.

Hugo Clément, a Journalist, explained, “In just a few minutes, there's already a good layer. They managed to make snow. And unlike the snow cannons at ski resorts, they made it without any electricity or energy. That's what's great about this system.”

Between October 2018 and Octobre 2019, Swiss glaciers have lost 5% of their total volume. Over the last five years, this figure has risen to 10%.


17/03/2020 11:39
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