Why the dung beetle is rolling this ball

That's what we call a 💩 life...

12/05/2018 6:48


  • Peter D.
    27/06/2018 23:13

    Looks like Shifty Shorten!!! That’s all his good for!!!

  • Ampz T.
    22/05/2018 15:09

    That looks like wat bite me a fucking dung beetle

  • Jessica O.
    21/05/2018 21:28

    do you even lift?

  • Keith R.
    21/05/2018 20:00

    It would’ve been funny if I read this yesterday but today is Monday so it’s not that funny try again in 6days

  • Sam M.
    21/05/2018 17:33

    What a load of shit!

  • Jack D.
    20/05/2018 17:03

    bit of knowledge on dung

  • Jesse M.
    18/05/2018 22:31


  • Charlesco S.
    18/05/2018 11:32

    Did anyone notice what seems to be a dead beetle's carcass in the beetle's dung ball at the end? That's so metal lol

  • Ashley H.
    18/05/2018 08:35

    'Able to push up 1141x its own weight.' That's a very specific number, therefore not an estimation or ball park figure. This tells me some cunt kidnapped a dung beetle, weighed it and forced it to push objects 2x, 5x, 100x its weight etc until it found that the ball weighing 1142x its weight was asking just that little bit too much

  • Razel R.
    17/05/2018 23:52

    Renz Rivera mao ni sa pinas mo zzzzzzzz?

  • Holly B.
    17/05/2018 14:20

    sounds like you

  • Luc S.
    17/05/2018 04:09

    If was a beetle

  • France C.
    16/05/2018 23:22


  • Tobias T.
    15/05/2018 00:03

    How can this not be your go to??😂😂😂😂

  • Madiesz A.
    14/05/2018 16:31

    Memin...dulu kecik2 aku suka perhati gelagat depa ni.Lagi satu tangkap riang2 boh dalam poket baju melayu😅

  • Kyle R.
    14/05/2018 14:22

    Sarah Sanders getting ready for other press conference.

  • Caroline H.
    14/05/2018 10:26

    Amazing little creature.

  • Gloria R.
    13/05/2018 20:19

    Lidia says this is her favorite bug 😩

  • Salima B.
    13/05/2018 17:29

    Elle m'a déçu! trop molle et trop parisienne à la noix pour parler d'une cause si noble

  • Ameya D.
    13/05/2018 12:52

    बघ हे शेण खातात! 😂😂😛😛