Steel Warriors want to turn knives into a force for good


"If it's to stop knife crime.. I will help." This is how calisthenics influencer Small Spartan Jay - Barsparta teamed up with Steel Warriors to design a gym made out of confiscated knives and help get more youth off the streets.

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International rugby player Shaunagh Brown on gender equality


From firefighter to international rugby player, Shaunagh Brown has done her part in male-dominated industries. Here's what she has to say about women in sports. 🏉

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Migrant rescue captain Carola Rackete on the migration crisis


“If you break something, you have to repair it.” Carola Rackete was the migrant rescue captain of Sea-Watch 3 and has saved the lives of hundreds of migrants, deying international laws. Today, she has something to tell us:

Pressure on women in the royal family


Always smiling, always picture perfect- even in the hours after giving birth. What does the pressure to be flawless do to women in the royal family? 👸🏾

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The Greek island where people just keep on living


Welcome to Ikaria, the island that holds the secret to a long healthy life...

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If I was a wife... around the world


If I was a wife in Singapore, the law allows my husband to sexually assault me- as long as I am over the age of 13. This is what it's like to be a wife in other countries around the world.

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Penelope Cruz tackles domestic violence


"I hope that when a woman finds the incredible strength needed to tell her story in a situation like this, she will be listened to." This is Penélope Cruz's emotional plea against male domestic violence.

France ahead of UK in taking on sexual harassment


France has moved to make women feel safer in public. Take note, Britain. 😒

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Migrateful's Jess Thompson talks about refugee cookery classes


She's empowering migrants, refugees and asylum seekers with food and cooking. This is why Jess Thompson decided to launch Migrateful. 🍽💪

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Who is Gina Miller?


She’s taken UK politics by storm. She’s defeated the government more than once. This is Gina Miller.

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