Laura Muir juggles being a vet and a world class athlete

When she isn't pounding the track, she's in scrubs. Meet Laura Muir, the Scottish runner who just won another double gold medal. 🏃‍♀

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Algerians protest Bouteflika's potential 5th term

Meanwhile, in Algeria, thousands are taking to the streets to protest President Abdelaziz Bouteflika's potential 5th term. He's been the head of state for 20 years.

Spain VS the UK on health

Maybe it's something in their gazpacho, but Spain has just been ranked the healthiest country in the world. The UK is trailing behind. Here's why:

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Jess Philips enraged by Brexit negotiations

"I feel so enraged.. by the complete and utter lack of bravery." Jess Philips confronts the government with a cold dose of reality as the clock counts down to Brexit.

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The life of Olivia Colman

She has a dog named Alfred, Lord Waggyson. She's the patron of UK charity Tender. And now she's got an Oscar for best actress. This is Olivia Colman.

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Sadiq Khan bans junk food ads in London

Sadiq Khan has faced down the naysayers and banned junk food advertising across London transport. The city has the highest rates of child obesity across the UK.

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No deal? No rights.

UK citizen? Here are 3 rights you stand to lose in a no-deal Brexit situation. 🇪🇺

Is it legal for the UK to make people stateless?

Shamima Begum has been stripped of her UK citizenship. But is it legal for the government to leave her stateless?

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Lithium in Bolivia

It's known as the "white gold" of Bolivia. Lithium may be powering phones, electric cars and computers, but mining it comes at a cost.

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The life of Karl Marx

His grave was defaced twice in a week- but this giant of 20th century history died over 130 years ago. This is the story of the rebellious drinker whose ideas shaped our world: Karl Marx.

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