Zero Waste Week


"99% of what we buy is either consumed or trashed." This is how a terrifying natural disaster led Rachelle Strauss to create Zero Waste Week. ♻️🌍

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Boris blasted in Parliament for year-old offensive comments


"If I decide to wear a turban, or she decides to wear a hijab or a burka, does that mean it is open season... to make derogatory and divisive remarks about our appearance?" One furious MP tried to hold Boris Johnson to account for his offensive comments about Muslim women at his first PMQs: This was his response.

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Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, will be under water


A part of the Indonesian capital of Jakarta could disappear under water by 2050. So the country's president made a radical decision: change the capital.

Behind Jorja Smith's "Blue Lights"


“I don’t want to talk about stuff I don’t know.” Jorja Smith opens up about why it’s difficult to write socially engaged songs and the meaning behind her debut single "Blue Lights".

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Surprising facts about school uniform


It's rare in Europe, but 98% of UK secondary pupils are trudging back to school today in uniform. Here are 3 surprising facts about them. 👔✍

To climb Mont Blanc, you'll have to make a reservation


If you're planning on climbing Mont Blanc, it's best to make a reservation. The effects of mass tourism are impacting famous destinations all around the world...

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Princess Diana on children and family


30 years ago, Princess Diana was starting out on the fearless charity work that was to be her legacy. On the anniversary of her death, here she talks about the importance of giving children stability and love.

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This doctor says meditation is the way out of stress


After working for 10 years as a psychologist for the NHS, this doctor says transcendental meditation is an extremely effective way to curb stress. Here is why:

Meet Joshua Wong


At 22, Joshua Wong has already become a leading opposition figure in Hong Kong politics. Now, the Nobel Peace Prize nominee isn't letting a recent stint in prison related to protesting stop him from rallying against the government's controversial extradition bill, which has already mobilised nearly two million people to protest.

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Conservative MPs who warned against proroguing


They warned against the proroguing of parliament, but now these Conservative MPs are all cabinet ministers in Boris Johnson’s government.