Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis on the times we live in

"Tell powerful people that you’re right." For Richard Curtis and Danny Boyle, there is one clear remedy for the times we live in: hope in young people.

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UK bans sexist ads

Scenes with men who can't change nappies and where women are doing all the housework are now going to be a thing of the past in UK ads.

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Meet Viktoria Modesta

She's known as the bionic showgirl and she uses technology to enhance her performances. Meet Viktoria Modesta, the new star at the Crazy Horse Paris.

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Grenfell Tower, two years later

Two years have passed and this Grenfell survivor is still seeking justice. 💚

Decode: TV-license fees and WW2 veterans

WW2 veterans may have to pay for a TV license, but they only represent a tiny percentage of those who will really be affected. Here’s why.

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Dominic Grieve on a no-deal Brexit

He’s ready to bring down his own government to stop the next Prime Minister forcing through a no-deal Brexit.

The life of Maya Arulpragasam aka M.I.A.

From a young age, she’s fought an unfiltered battle for minority rights. She also just accepted an MBE in honour of her mother, who was one of two women to stitch the medals. Who else but MIA?

Why turn down an MBE, OBE or a knighthood?

"We have to look at the legacy that we leave for our children." This is why footballer and anti-racism campaigner Howard Gayle said no to an MBE.

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Cutting working hours could help save the planet

Workers in the UK would have to move to a 9-hour week to stay in line with the Paris Agreement. Here is how cutting working hours could help fight the climate crisis:

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Russian hackers

Cutting off electricity in Ukraine, hacking into email accounts of the US Democratic party... This journalist investigated how far-reaching Russian hackers are.

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