• Franko D.
    30/07/2019 10:32

    Muslim actors don't want to do it but if someone else does it . RACIST.. 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

  • Samus R.
    29/07/2019 17:59

    How does this test correspond to reality ? 1. The most violent acts of terrorism are from members of this religion so... 2. I've known some and they all appeared very quiet, at least adult ones. 3. Superstitious ? Well in their book if you hit a dead body with a cow's foot, he might resurrect... Also they hate dogs for religious reasons. 4. Their book says to not befriend a misbeliever and to hit them in the neck. Also, they hate the West openly. 5. Misogynist ? During the ACN '19 some videos show them not accepting female presence during their celebrations. Oppressed ? In college, veiled girls will eat at your table but not greet you nor talking to you if you're a man... So, do they all fail this test in real life ?

  • Hind H.
    29/07/2019 12:31

    Muslim producers should make movies portraying Americans as the evil beings they were and still are.

  • Cool S.
    29/07/2019 06:44

    I am a non Muslim living in a Muslim majority country. Some of these stereotypes are true. 1. Religiously fanatical to the point of not wanting to mix with non muslims. Regarding non Muslims as non believers who will burn in hell. 2. Guys are misogynistic. Having multiple or very young wives is quite common. 3. Extremely anti Semitic. But ironically they still use Jewish products/ software This is just from my personal experience.

  • Peter W.
    29/07/2019 02:34

    So I guess ISIS was all Islamic actors and not terrorists.

  • Bobby B.
    29/07/2019 01:32

    So the other 40% think they are being portrayed-accurately???

  • Katheryn W.
    29/07/2019 00:54

    Dear oh dear when will they stop moaning . It's unbelievable how they go on . Nothing in their life is right . Shut up and get on with it , you might end up just living your life instead of trying change the world to suit you .

  • Deloria V.
    28/07/2019 21:47

    But there is so much more about Muslim than being a bomber. So why not see more positive things about our Muslim than negative. Ijs

  • Mel O.
    28/07/2019 20:08

    For the time being and foreseeable future, this is the only role they will get in any movie. What do expect from the, to wave American flag and say ''I Love America"?

  • David T.
    28/07/2019 19:26

    Lol. Who else is gonna play a Muslim bomber...? LOL馃槅

  • Leon M.
    28/07/2019 19:11

    #2 is fake news, taken out of context. Garry wasn't angry, he was simply giving "the sign"......馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

  • Cherub S.
    28/07/2019 18:44

    Because mormons wear explosive vest and scream "jesus is lord"before they blow themselves 馃槖, lets make more movies where mormon are the terrorists

  • Joshua C.
    28/07/2019 18:26

    Well most of what you showed are facts and muslems don't want to live in peace with the West

  • Deloria V.
    28/07/2019 18:12

    Yesss! I am surprise you don't know that. All though BoyNHood was a great movie. I think it could have done so much more for Black as a people

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