Think again about foie gras

It's a traditional delicacy for French Christmas, but foie gras can cause huge suffering for ducks and geese. Here's something to think about before stuffing your mouth.

24/12/2018 17:07updated: 20/05/2019 15:57
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  • Aron W.
    24/12/2018 17:42

    Mmmm deliciousness

  • Jessica C.
    24/12/2018 19:28

    thats horrible

  • Elisa V.
    25/12/2018 19:50

    Disgusting and sick!!!!! Who's even thinking to eat such garbage... Horrible!!!!

  • Migl臈 P.
    30/12/2018 15:51

    and I thought, why its so expensive.. looks horrible but cost a lot.

  • Marija R.
    30/12/2018 16:54

    Sick 馃槨

  • Bogdan D.
    30/12/2018 17:11

    a country -or a people- who protects such practice as cultural heritage it's a country with a low level of culture. foie gras and lots of butter, cheese, flesh and other "traditional" and expensive "ways of living" on the back of other animals, and then wear yellow vests, refuse to pay the carbon tax and demand justice, more purchasing power and free parking lots.

  • Ferenc V.
    30/12/2018 17:13

    De zacsk贸ba megvenni a Tesc贸ba az rendben van mi? Nem birom az 谩lszentked茅st...

  • Zhenya S.
    30/12/2018 19:05


  • Madalina O.
    30/12/2018 19:44

    Stupid people!!! :((( pour gooses and poor ducks :(

  • Irena G.
    30/12/2018 20:42

    There are some traditions that simply aren't great and deserve to be stripped of the title. Just like this and bull fighting.

  • Nikkie O.
    30/12/2018 21:08

    , , ... 馃挃

  • Ewan S.
    30/12/2018 21:19

    You got me, fuck this I鈥檓 never eating it again, oh and I wish death to those who organize this

  • Carla P.
    30/12/2018 21:40

    Think about starting to enjoy food and let others do the same.

  • Matthew L.
    30/12/2018 22:06


  • Aya O.
    30/12/2018 23:29

    Gross.This is something I would expect from a third world country...

  • Cristian F.
    30/12/2018 23:55

    Hypocrites. What's the difference between a dead duck in your plate and a dead duck that lived happy?

  • Laurie F.
    31/12/2018 00:35

    love you, Pam

  • Ivan S.
    31/12/2018 03:39

    Looks nice, I would love to try that.

  • Arabela S.
    31/12/2018 04:43


  • David B.
    31/12/2018 05:29

    Fuck me didn鈥檛 know that. Never had it anyway