Think again about foie gras

It's a traditional delicacy for French Christmas, but foie gras can cause huge suffering for ducks and geese. Here's something to think about before stuffing your mouth.

24/12/2018 17:07updated: 20/05/2019 15:57
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  • Kelly A.
    02/01/2019 19:00

    I don’t know whats more disgusting.. this video or the heartless comments being posted 😡

  • Kev D.
    02/01/2019 10:56

    If you did that to a human it would be awful, however ducks and people are not the same. If it’s done right the ducks are perfectly healthy, the enlarged liver is not a serious health issue that it is in humans. The method of feeding is also not as barbaric as it looks because again ducks and humans are very different. I don’t eat it so I’m not bothered either way but if you are going to care about animals welfare then you should understand their anatomy and not just be anthropomorphising

  • Peter H.
    01/01/2019 01:51

    I've never eaten it or would like to eat it, but I wish would stop force feeding me disturbing stuff like this on the news feed !.

  • Lee R.
    01/01/2019 01:04

    Disgusting French habit 👎🙁

  • Alekss V.
    31/12/2018 22:27

    :O ?

  • Garry P.
    31/12/2018 21:42

    Thats just plain cruel

  • Hisni B.
    31/12/2018 19:34

    wew terorizing animals

  • Rodolfos C.
    31/12/2018 18:53

    "to no longer eat FROIS gras" Pamela Anderson... some people can't even learn how to pronounce the things they read.

  • Caroline L.
    31/12/2018 18:19


  • Íñigo N.
    31/12/2018 17:56

    Guess what I will have for dinner

  • Vladimir D.
    31/12/2018 16:51

    I will never give up eating it 🙂

  • Monika W.
    31/12/2018 16:37

    Didn't even know this is how it was produced. That's really pure cruelty.

  • Panagiotis A.
    31/12/2018 16:01

    Is this some type of advertisement? I want some now

  • Carina Ș.
    31/12/2018 15:04


  • Victoria P.
    31/12/2018 11:41

    what I was talking about

  • Osman K.
    31/12/2018 10:37

    Tamara Clark

  • Ahmed N.
    31/12/2018 08:05

    Haha people are getting dumber every year

  • Jay O.
    31/12/2018 08:00

    Looks delicious , I'm gonna try it now. Thanks Pam.

  • Maialen A.
    31/12/2018 07:42

    Only a Monster can do this OMG

  • Kene U.
    31/12/2018 06:52

    Searching google maps for the nearest french restraunt.

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