#FemalePleasure, a film on female sexuality

These women living in four corners of the world are all fighting for a common cause: reclaiming their bodies. This is the story behind the documentary #FemalePleasure.

"#Female pleasure", a film about female pleasure by Swiss director Barbara Miller

  • The film #Female pleasure directed by the Swiss Barbara Miller shows how the 5 religions demonize the female body. But above all, how women around the world are mobilizing to change this vision of things.

  • "The 5 religions of the world, for millions of years, tell us that the female body is a sin, that the female pleasure is a bad thing". * This is what explains the director of the documentary #Female pleasure , Barbara Miller. In her film, she followed 5 women who fight violence against women, and fight for the right to have their own body.

Indian activist Vithika Yadav is one of the 5 heroines of #Female Pleasure. She considers that the right to feminine pleasure, its defense and its normalization is a fundamental human right for all women in the world. For Vithika Yadav, women's education is key. That's why this young feminist activist created "Love Matters", an information site about sexuality and love.

Models for millions of other women. This is how Barbara Miller describes all those who fight against the demonization of female pleasure in their country. The director of #Female pleasure is optimistic: * "I really think it's worth fighting for, it's worth breaking the taboo of silence when it comes to female sexuality, it gives a lot of hope." * She concludes: * "we are the generation that will see things finally improve."*

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    02/05/2021 18:04

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