YouTubers are going to extremes for money

Why are YouTube stars, like Logan Paul, going to such extremes? Just follow the money.

25/01/2018 20:20updated: 24/08/2020 12:11
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  • Stavros S.
    22/01/2018 19:19

    What he did was wrong everybody can agree on that. The fact that he publicly apologized for it and talked about it made to rethink his mistake and forgive as I believe everybody can learn from them, sure the circumstances, in this case, do not need to be forgiven but how much bullying we have to understand i think that he knows that he did wrong

  • Nick B.
    22/01/2018 12:08

    Send him back to China to play to face them, dick!!!

  • Grant O.
    22/01/2018 06:23

    To be fair it is a suicide Forrest, people see dead bodies and react different you didn’t have to ciew the clip I think Logan is class

  • Marty H.
    21/01/2018 23:56

    I couldn't give a fuck about him personally but what do you expect? He has to push boundries and be spoke about, ethic wise it's not good, business wise his best move yet...

  • Grant L.
    21/01/2018 19:19

    Yet uses pewdiepie. Idiots.

  • David J.
    21/01/2018 14:35

    The most genuine sorry I ever saw 🙄 NO UR ATTENTION HUNGRY U WENT TO FAR NOW ITS THE APOLOGY VIDEO FFS is anything real anymore

  • Callum S.
    21/01/2018 09:31

    Ironically digging at YouTubers for making money whilst also using them in a video that can generate revenue for yourself.

  • Jordan S.
    21/01/2018 07:54

    The only reason he apologised is because he caught so much flak for his video. If no one opposed it then I guarantee he wouldn't have apologised

  • Daniel L.
    20/01/2018 20:36

    Fuck Logan Paul I hope he drops dead

  • Rebecca B.
    19/01/2018 23:43

    why they gotta dig Pewds for.