1. This British organisation is tackling dog fighting

  2. The bearded vulture plays a crucial sanitary role

  3. Anse Source d'Argent is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations

  4. Bike rides to pick up trash

  5. 4 consequences of global warming in the Arctic

  6. What We Learned From the IPCC’s Alarming Agriculture Report

  7. The IPCC just released an alarming report

  8. Ölüdeniz is a paradise for paragliders

  9. The Moken, the "people of the sea"

  10. Mass tourism in Cyprus is a threat to the ecosystem's balance

  11. Sika deer attract millions of tourists each year

  12. How caterpillars transform into butterflies

  13. Global tourism is responsible for 8% of all greenhouse gas emissions

  14. Sipadan offers 12 enchanting diving sites

  15. This project aims to demystify the image of sharks

  16. 5 good news stories for the planet

  17. Some exoplanets could sustain life

  18. If these animals didn't exist...

  19. Sea Bubbles could soon become an alternative to cars in big cities

  20. If I were a cat...

  21. Orangutan vs. Bulldozer

  22. Slovenian Bee Paradise🐝

  23. It's Earth Overshoot Day

  24. This bird regurgitates a revolting substance onto their predators

  25. 3 dream destinations for water sports

  26. Monkeys Hurt by Demand for Coconuts

  27. Explore Europe with these 3 bike trails

  28. Indonesia's famous Pink Beach covered in rubbish

  29. Australia: The Carmichael coal mine is still courting controversy

  30. Pont du Gard, France: An impressive mineral landscape

  31. This giant wave in Brazil causes significant damage

  32. Rare footage of Brazil tribe

  33. The durian is threatening forests in Malaysia

  34. This is how mosquitoes choose their targets

  35. How to go on vacation in an eco-friendly way

  36. Mexico: this breeder is trying to save axolotls from extinction

  37. The Pyrenees are home to a spectacular natural amphitheater

  38. Operation Thunderball: Thousands of wild animals seized

  39. French Guiana: soldiers are fighting against gold trafficking

  40. This Is How Bad India’s Monsoon Can Get

  41. Intensive production of cranberries is harming the environment

  42. Garden eels exist in various kinds of species

  43. This temple in India is home to "extinct" turtles

  44. This bikeway takes you through the Alsatian vineyards

  45. Get Sun Protection That Respects the Environment

  46. A ray of hope for North Atlantic right whales

  47. This firefly sanctuary aims to halt deforestation in this Mexican park

  48. How can big cats and livestock breeders coexist?

  49. Austria's Parliament has voted to totally ban glyphosate

  50. Greenpeace is trying to save endangered leatherback turtles

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